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How to choose curtains

Curtains - a very important element of the kitchen interior. Because they make the design complete, interesting and original. Before you go to the store in search of the perfect curtains, you need to decide what functions they should perform in your kitchen.

If the windows of your kitchen are on the sunny side or face a busy street, it makes sense to pay attention to the curtains of heavy curtain fabrics.

if Curtains in the kitchen Will perform only an aesthetic function, it is worth taking a closer look at the translucent models of tulle, organza and veil.

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How to choose curtains

  1. Roman curtains
    Roman curtains - ideal for the kitchen. They are very practical and functional, and also occupy a minimal place in the interior. In addition, they can be combined with curtains and curtains. Find out in our article how to save and make Roman blinds from blinds.
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  2. Classic curtains
    Will be an excellent decoration of the kitchen in the style of the countryOr Provence. Their advantage is the ability to combine different fabrics and decorations among themselves. In the selection of the correct color combination this simple table will help.
    How to choose curtains in the kitchen
  3. Japanese panels
    Relatively recently came into fashion simpleJapanese curtains. This is a narrow cloth of a width up to 80 cm and a length from the ledge to the floor. Unfortunately, such curtains will look good only in large rooms. The main advantage of Japanese curtains is the minimum consumption of fabric for their tailoring. With the help of Japanese curtains, you can zonate space.
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  4. Cafe-style curtains
    Another great option that will transform kitchen windows. Such curtains are incredibly easy to manufacture and do not require a large amount of fabric.
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  5. French curtains
    Option for spacious or combined with the kitchen canteen. The bright feature of French curtains are three-dimensional, curvy folds. The length of these curtains can vary from a quarter of the window and below.
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Curtains on the kitchen window can be supplemented with differentAccessories. A variety of decorated pickings will look good on heavy fabrics. Long curtains made of light, practically weightless fabrics can simply be tied up from the bottom with a neat knot. You can also decorate the cornice itself, changing the decorations depending on the season or the coming holiday.

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