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Means against black spots

Black dots, or acne, appear in connection withAccumulation in the pores of excess sebum or dead skin cells. Dirt is not the main cause of acne, therefore, daily cleansing of the skin with cosmetic products will help only not to aggravate the situation.

To get rid of black points, you need either Mechanical face cleaning, Or means of deep cleansing.

Remedy for black points of the house

Our editorial staff is ready to disclose to you the secret of clean skin and to share it in a simple but effective way.

Black spot remedy


  • 1 tsp. Lemon juice
  • 1 tsp. Baking soda


Add lemon juice to the specified amount of soda. Mix well until a uniform mass is formed. For consistency, the mixture will resemble thick sour cream.
Remedy for black dots on the nose at home

Application of

  1. Wash your face with hot water of comfortable temperature and dry it dry. It will cleanse the skin and help Open pores.
  2. Apply the tool with driving movements with a brush or a clean toothbrush to the places where the black points are concentrated. Important: do not use the remedy if there are fresh wounds or irritation on the skin.
    Remedy from black dots folk recipe free of charge at home
  3. Leave for 15 minutes.
  4. Wash this mixture with lukewarm water. In any case not hot! Apply your daily cream.
    Budgetary funds from black points

Do not expect that acne will disappear from one applicationfacilities. Use it no more often than 1 time a week. After the fourth use your pores will be cleared and narrowed. After reaching the desired result, stop the procedure.

Citric acid removes dead skin cells andHas a clarifying property. Thus, the pores are cleared and the possibility of acne formation decreases. And soda has antibacterial properties, so it prevents infection after removing black dots.

The best remedy for deep black dots

Believe me - this mixture is capable of doing miracles! Do not forget to tell about it to your friends and girlfriends!