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What can be done from the bottle with your own hands?

Water from the tap nowadays desires better, so many of us buy purified water. Of course, we use it very quickly, and a completely logical question arises: where do you put the bottles?

Do not rush to throw them away or waste them in the garage, because the editorial staff "so simple!" Share great ideas about what can be done From plastic 5-liter bottles.

What can be done from the bottle with their own hands

  1. Do the washbasin. A great idea for giving or in case of a tripwater. Take a 5-liter bottle, preheat an iron bolt or screwdriver on the fire, stick it at the bottom of the bottle - the hole is ready. Pour water, put it over the sink and voila! The water will start to flow if you slightly unscrew the lid and stop if you twist it. Such is physics!
    Plastic bottles in the country
  2. drainer. Put the 5-liter bottle on its side, on the topParts of cut 3-4 strips about 2 centimeters wide. Cut off its neck, cut out a hole for it a little higher and attach it, heating a little bit its base. Now your dishes will dry soon!
    Interesting ideas from plastic bottles
  3. Do the handles for the package, which will not crash into the fingers. Take off the bottle holder. Pull the handle of the bag into its hole, then pass them through the handle of the holder. very comfortably!
    Ideas from plastic bottles with your own hands
  4. Produce Homemade key copies. Cut out a small even piece of bottle. Then carefully warm the key from all sides, push it into the received piece of plastic. Take the key when it cools. Glue to the workpiece, another piece of plastic. Carefully cut out the key and use it safely!

    We hope, after this information, the number of apartment break-ins will not increase.

    Making a copy of the keys

  5. Use the handle of the bottle to lift and transfer the armature and similar objects. Your hands will no longer scratch and get dirty!
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And now we give you a video in which you will see a detailed description of all the ideas!

Here such, at first glance, a simple subject like a plastic bottle, you can make your life easier. Share the super-games with your friends!