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Myths of Medicine

Butchers alexander leonidovich - Famous cardiologist, family doctor, writer, as well as a leading popular programs on medical topics.

This is a doctor with a huge amount of knowledge and experience. His medical work began with work in Mozambique and Angola, where Alexander worked as a surgeon at the geological party. For a long time, the butchers engaged in medical practice in Russia, having managed to visit even the post of head physician of the Kremlin hospital.

Doctor of butchers

Now Alexander Butchers successfully leads the city clinical hospital. Zhadkevich in Moscow. The main goal of his life is the doctor's work on improving Medical literacy Among the population, and also help in acquiring knowledge about healthy lifestyles and achieving longevity.

Doctor of butchers

Today our editorial board will share with you the opinion of the famous doctor about the most common myths of modern medicine. Hope these tips will be useful to you.

Myths of medicine

  1. The only effective remedy for colds - strong immunity
    Many people mistakenly believe that from their common coldCan save another TV advertised tablet. The doctor says that it is necessary to fight with a cold not during the course of the illness, but several months before.

    It should be understood that there is no medication for enhancing immunity. If they existed, many diseases, including AIDS, would not be a threat to society.

    Doctor of butchers

  2. There is no such disease as dysbiosis
    Abroad, doctors do not understand what ourThe diagnosis - a dysbacteriosis. In foreign patients, too, indigestion, but experienced professionals understand that behind this may hide dozens of reasons.

    At us all write off on a dysbacteriosis. Butchers argue that dysbiosis can not be identified as a separate disease.

    Doctor of butchers

  3. The food industry kills us more than the pharmaceutical industry.
    Many people make mistakes, believing that they lead a healthy lifestyle.

    The doctor insists that you need to focus onProper nutrition: every day a person should eat a pound of vegetables and fruits, combining them with meat and fish. An obligatory element of a healthy lifestyle should be physical activity - 40 minutes 5 times a week.

    Doctor of butchers

3 main councils of doctor of butcher

  1. Council number 1
    In no case should you spare yourself! You need to move more and not spoil the stomach with a variety of pastries and sweets. Should once and for all forget about the elevator! If you live on the 18th floor, walk up to at least a third. The doctor says that even with a knife in the back, you can crawl to the second floor, so you should not afford trips to the elevator as little as possible.
  2. Council number 2
    Do not trust the advertising of medicines! 95% of advertised drugs are completely ineffective.
  3. Council number 3
    Do not worry about the future. Because stressful situations only aggravate the course of various diseases. Should live for today, but live right!

Let your house do not leave health, good luck and good mood. We wish you to deal only with the doctors of God!