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Products to promote weight loss

Every woman's dream: to eat and lose weight. We decided to turn this desire into reality and tell, How to eat to lose weight. And the most pleasant thing is to remain well fed.

Products that promote weight loss

  1. baked potato
    Potatoes perfectly curbs hunger, and all because ofThe content of carbohydrates. In contrast to fried potatoes, baked does not lose vitamins and its useful properties. Having eaten a baked potato, you will receive a charge of energy and a feeling of saturation for a long period.

    To get even more fiber, eat baked potatoes directly with the skin. Just properly wash it before baking. This dish is perfect for lunch or dinner.

    Products for weight loss

  2. bean soup
    Soups themselves are very useful, because they contain a lot of liquid. They fill the stomach well, and you get a minimum of calories. It is best to eat them for lunch.

    Soup of beans, cooked on chicken broth,Are rich in fiber and useful carbohydrates, which slow the release of sugar into the blood. Thanks to this you will feel full longer. Of course, do not eat bread and other flour products with soup. If you do not like soups, make a salad of beans.

    Bean soup at home

  3. Greek yogurt
    Natural low-fat yogurt is a great way toGet rid of excess weight. The use of milk protein reduces appetite and maintains blood sugar levels in the norm. Greek yogurt contains twice as much protein and less sugar than regular yoghurt.

    To diversify the diet and make yogurt tastier, add berries or cereals. You can also use it as a salad dressing.

    The benefits of yogurt

  4. Apples
    Start with the traditional set of vitamins andMinerals that are present in apples. These fruits contain vitamins c, e, c1, c2, c6, pp, carotene, folic acid and minerals: potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron. Malic acid improves digestion, citric and tartronic acids promote the burning of carbohydrates, preventing their transformation into fat.

    Boric acid has a bactericidal andAntifungal effect, reducing the risk of infectious diseases. Better to eat apples in the morning as a snack. And if you bake, you will get a very tasty dessert.

    Useful properties of apples

  5. popcorn
    The calorie content of ready-made popcorn without additives is about 90 calories. Popcorn takes up a lot of space in the stomach, and looks very voluminous, which at the subconscious level has to satiety.
    Products for weight loss
  6. Figs
    Figs are a joy for sweet tooth! It has a dense consistency and a sweet flesh, which is very rich in fiber. That was even tastier and more satisfying, before you eat, put a teaspoon of low-fat cottage cheese in the middle of the fruit. A wonderful idea for breakfast!
    Figs for a diet
  7. oatmeal
    The following useful properties of oatmeal have long been proven: Lowering cholesterol, Reducing the risk of blood clots, increasing muscle tissue, cleaning from slags. Thanks to the content of carbohydrates, oatmeal is a good source of energy.

    The use of oatmeal porridge is obvious for those who, eatingFor breakfast a portion of oatmeal, gets rid of drowsiness, depressive thoughts, is charged with a great mood for the whole day. A small portion of morning porridge can not remember food until lunch.

    Proper nutrition

  8. Wheat grains
    Nuclei of wheat contain a huge amountProtein and fiber. Protein stimulates the release of the hormone ghrelin, which tells our brain that we are full, and the cellulose activates hormones that suppress appetite. Prepare yourself a delicious dish: add in steamed wheat grains apples, nuts or dried fruits. Very good grain for dinner.
    Products that reduce weight
  9. Smoothies
    Smoothies - this is not a drink, according to the majorityOf us, and tasty, healthy, nutritious and at the same time a low-calorie mixture. Smoothies can become a full-fledged replacement for lunch or dinner, depending on mixed products.

    With the help of smoothies you can easily lose a few extra pounds in just a week, while you will not feel hungry and constantly irritable.

    Smoothies for burning fat

By using these foods, you will lose weight withoutStress for the body. And most importantly - they can not be overdone, because they give the feeling of satiety very quickly! Products for weight loss will perfectly suit both the main dishes and snacks.

Thin without the feeling of hunger! This information will be useful to your friends.