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Prevention of allergies

Many people love spring, this is a great time awakening nature from winter dull dreams. But there are those who wait for the coming of spring with horror ...

Spring allergy On the flowering of a variety of plants - veryA widespread phenomenon in the modern world. There are many anti-allergic drugs that relieve the symptoms of the disease. But, unfortunately, they harm the liver and kidneys, quite negatively affect the work of the stomach.

There is an alternative way to prevent and treat allergies with a natural remedy! Essential oil of oregano Is capable of a real miracle ...

Prevention of allergies in the spring

Prevention of allergies

To ease the painful condition duringExacerbation of allergies, it is recommended to wear a medical mask on the street. This ridiculously simple device helps many people: do not have to poison yourself with toxic drugs!

It is also important to moisten the air in a room where you stay for a long time, and keep to a diet: less sugar and meat, because the liver is so heavily congested during the attack of allergens.

for Treatment of acute attacks of allergy It is recommended to use oregano essential oil. You can do inhalation if you have the opportunity: in the water, dilute 1 drop of oil diluted in water and add to the inhaler. Inhalations with this medium ventilate the lungs, remove allergic bronchospasm and cough, facilitate breathing.

You can drink and medicinal potion with essential oil: In a glass of water, discard 3 drops of oregano oil (oregano) and drink. Take the drug once a day for 10 days, then you need to take a break for 2 weeks. Oregano oil has a powerful antiseptic effect, expels parasites from the body and reduces allergic processes.

Can be consumed Essential oil of oregano with olive oil: Spend 3 drops of essential oil in half a teaspoon of olive, place under the tongue. If the burning occurs in the mouth, you can drink the product with milk.

Antihistaminic properties of oregano oil are amazing! We warn: this is a very powerful tool. In no case can it be used to treat children under 12 years of age, pregnant and lactating women. It is contraindicated for those who have allergies to such herbs: mint, sage, basil. Before treatment with oregano oil, it is better to consult a doctor.

Tell your friends that allergy can be cured with natural essential oil!