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How to look expensive

Beautiful appearance For a woman means a lot. Unfortunately, not every lady can spend the whole salary on shoes and dresses of luxury brands. But, believe me, you can create an expensive and respectable image, even if your purse does not have green papers.

Look expensive with a limited budget

Redaction "so simple!" Will reveal to you some secrets, after learning about which you will look like a million, even without it!

How to look expensive

  1. Get the outer clothing of the classic cut. Forget about the variegated coats and down jackets - they are very difficult to combine. Sand trech, coat of camel hair, neutral range and straight cut - this is something that does not go out of fashion, and therefore, you can wear more than one season.

    Believe me, it is much more profitable to buy a quality coat than to spend every time on a cheap jacket.

    Look expensive without spending a lot

  2. Forget about the deep cuts. Especially if you are already not 20 years old! Not only that it is terribly cheap, it also makes you look like the inhabitant of the red light street.
    Look expensive without being rich
  3. The most chic way to wear a jacket or coat is not to put them on. Just put the garment on your shoulders. So you'll immediately look nobler.
    Look expensive
  4. A bulky necklace of multi-colored crystals andBeads only cheaper the image, but if you really want to emphasize the neck, make a choice in favor of a scarf. And if you also supplement the image of sunglasses, you will look like a Frenchwoman.
    How to look expensive without costs
  5. Choose bags of dense material and with clear lines. Baggy bags always look awkward. But in size and color you can not limit yourself.
    How to look expensive and rich
  6. The wedges and platforms weight the silhouette and do not always look organically in the image. To accurately not make a mistake with the selection of shoes, make a choice in The use of heels. Hairpin, a glass or a thick heel - these shoes will always look more than elegant.

    You should be more careful with decorated footwear - make sure that the whole image is restrained. And forget about the rhinestones!

    How to look expensive in inexpensive clothing

  7. Choose Length below the knee. We do not say that we should get rid ofAll mini-skirts in the wardrobe. But agree that the dress or skirt up to the middle of the roe always looks more elegant and even aristocratic. In addition, this length extends the silhouette well.
  8. Put on all the light. Except that these colors are complimentary to any figure (and even fit for magnificent shapes, contrary to all prejudices), they always make the image chic. You can wear a white dress or assemble a set of white trousers, blouse and jacket, the effect will be equally impressive.

    Just make sure that the shades of white in different items of the wardrobe match in tone and, of course, that the clothes are clean and ironed.

  9. Do not rush to put on a dress or trousers for the nextSame day after purchase. Look, will not they sit better if you sew in the waist or cut the length? Take the time and a little more money to take the clothes in the studio and fit perfectly in their shape - believe me, all the work and money will be wasted not in vain, when you see yourself in the mirror!
    How to look expensive if there is no money

By following these tips, you will always look expensive and elegant. Because the main thing is not how much you spend on your wardrobe, but how it all looks.

Share the secrets of the luxurious appearance with your girlfriends, and conquer this world with beauty and elegance together!