/ How to cut hair tips yourself

How to cut hair tips yourself

Almost every month, all the fair sex attend beauty salons or hairdressers to Cut hair tips And make my hair a little more neat. Often the cost of such a procedure is equated with a full-fledged haircut.

An experienced master does not care how many centimeters or millimeters you need to shear, because he does his job, spends his time on you, which, as you know, is worth the money.

Today our editorial team offers you a master class that will teach you how to cut your hair tips at home. Unfortunately, this trick is suitable only for women Long hair. A short haircut is best entrusted to a professional master.

How to cut hair herself

How to cut hair tips yourself

You will need

  • 2 tight bands for hair
  • scissors


  1. Make a high tail with a rubber band as shown in the photo.
    How to cut hair smoothly at home
  2. Tighten the second elastic band, lower it almost to the tip of the tail and cut your hair with scissors.
    How to cut hair smoothly at home
  3. Pull up the elastic band higher, lightly profile the tips of the hair. At the end of the procedure, remove both gums.
    How to cut hair smoothly at home

Master class on cutting hair tips see in this video.

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