/ How to decorate a bathroom

How to decorate a bathroom

Bathroom - this is, perhaps, Favorite place in the house For every woman. In it we really relax and conduct all the rituals of beauty. So the comfort and proper organization of things in the bathroom is very important.

How to decorate a bathroom

Our editorial team offers you 5 practical ideas that will help decorate the bathroom and free up additional space in it.

How to decorate a bathroom

  1. Use a normal half-liter jar as a dispenser for liquid soap. Just drilled a hole in its lid and insert the dispenser. Voila! Besides, you can decorate it to your taste.
    Bathroom decor
  2. Make of a board a kind of tray for bathroom accessories. If you like to relax for a long time in the water, then it is perfect as a stand for wine with fruits or books.
    Modern bathroom
  3. The plates also fit perfectly in Modern bathroom interior. Here the flight of fantasy is unlimited. You can install them on a stand for pots, and you can put a cute figurine or a leg from a glass between two plates. The main thing is to fix everything firmly with glue.
    Bathroom design
  4. If marble countertops for a washstand are too expensive for you, use the tree safely. Just cover it with a moisture repellent. Believe me, it looks gorgeous!
    Bathroom decor with own hands
  5. If you have an unnecessary staircase at home orStepladder, do not rush to throw it away. It is wonderful to use as a towel stand. The staircase takes up little space, and it can be installed anywhere.

    Also for the storage of towels, you can use ordinary boxes or baskets, nailing them to the wall. Such shelves can easily be done by yourself.

    Decorate the bathroom cheap

  6. If you have a large family, the problem is fastYou know the expense of toilet paper. As a stand we recommend using baskets - very cute and practical. Just fix the flat object, on which the roll will be fixed, instead of the handle. And most importantly - the reserve will always be there.
    Decorate the bathroom at home

With the help of such ideas you can update the interior of your bathroom without spending a lot of money. All ideas are practical and easy to implement.

The decor of a small bathroom

Tell us in the comments how you use the materials at hand in the interior of your home!