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Effective remedy for nail fungus

Yellowing and flaking of the nail plate, the appearance of cracks and itching between the fingers - Symptoms of fungal infection. Statistics show that every 5th inhabitant of the earth suffers from this problem.

Reduced immunity, tight shoes, excessive sweating of the legs, excess weight - factors that contribute to infection. If you notice the manifestation of the fungus on your feet, you should act immediately!

Nail fungus

Funds of traditional medicine have repeatedly proved their effectiveness. "so simple!" Proposes The best natural remedy for fungus, Consisting of only 2 ingredients.

Effective remedy for nail fungus

Normal baking soda And apple cider vinegar these days is on the kitchen shelf almost every housewife. It is with the help of these drugs that you can inflict a destructive blow to the fungus.

Vinegar and soda from nail fungus

Blend Apple vinegar And warm water in a ratio of 1: 3, pour the mixture into the pelvis and hold in this solution the legs for 20 minutes. Then wipe them dry. Again pour in a basin warm water (2 liters) and dissolve in it 2 tbsp. L. Baking soda. Hold your feet in this bath for 15 minutes, carefully wipe and trim all the fungus affected areas of the nail (they will easily separate).

To defeat a fungal infection, you needDo this procedure every evening until the full growth of healthy nails. The essence of the method is that the fungus perishes in an acidic environment, and soda prevents its further spread.

In neglected cases, you can grease your nails with tea tree oil after the tray: it has proven itself Effective antifungal agent.

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