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Proper nutrition for women

The best Prevention of various infections of the genitourinary system - balanced diet! It turns out, the products that we eat affect the state of the microflora of the vagina. If the female body receives an insufficient number of certain useful substances, the risk of thrush is increased by 3 times!

Natural probiotics and vitamins: that's what you need for a happy and healthy female body! Time to think about your menu ...

Proper nutrition for women

  1. yogurt
    Bacteria that are contained in yogurt, helpMaintain a balanced ph in the body. This is a good method of fighting various yeast infections! Sour cabbage also contributes to the formation of a healthy environment in the vagina.
  2. Products for the health of the female body

  3. avocado
    Potassium and vitamin b6 - what is needed for the health of external and internal female genital organs. The correct fats contained in the avocado, strengthen the walls of the vagina!
  4. Products for the health of the female body

  5. Jerusalem artichoke and sweet potato
    Vitamins A and C, group B vitamins, fiber,Manganese, potassium and iron: thanks to these substances, the walls of the uterus and vagina become stronger. The natural phytoestrogens contained in these products contribute to the maintenance of hormonal balance.
  6. Products for women's health

  7. pumpkin seeds
    Pumpkin seeds contain zinc, which removes inflammation and irritation. Vitamin e, which is abundant in pumpkin seeds, contributes to skin health and a regular menstrual cycle.
  8. Products useful for women's health

  9. garlic
    Strong antimicrobial and antifungal action of garlic helps to prevent any sexual infections! Something, and garlic is worth eating every day.
  10. Products necessary for women's health

  11. Spinach and any leafy green vegetables
    Cabbage, spinach, lettuce leaves - eat them more often. Vitamins and trace elements in these products improve the circulation of blood throughout the body, and also contribute to the elimination of harmful substances that can cause diseases of the genitourinary system.
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  13. black chocolate
    Black chocolate with a high content of cocoa strengthens the immune system. All thanks to antioxidants and useful minerals in the chocolate!
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  15. Soybean
    Soy products - a source of natural phytoestrogens! That female health was strong and there were no hormonal failures, it is necessary to eat soya at least once a week. Balanced nutrition for women Especially important, a gentle organism requires constant care!
  16. Ayurvedic food for women

  17. Cranberries, strawberries, strawberries
    Red berries contribute to strengthening the body's defenses and help it cope with harmful bacteria. You can eat fresh berries, drink berry juices and smoothies. Do not miss the season!
  18. Products for women's health

Such food will help all women suffering fromFrom an irregular monthly cycle and thrush. It is useful to include these foods in the diet to those who have suffered erosion of the uterus or can not become pregnant: phytoestrogens are doing miracles!

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