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Means for rapid hair growth

Frequent use of make-up and styling products adversely affects the Condition of hair and eyelashes. Also, once having severed the eyebrows, it is very difficult to restore to them the natural density, which has been a fashion trend for several years already.

Mask for hair growth at home

Redaction "so simple!" Will open to you a recipe for a cheap pomace, which not only gives the hair a thick, but also awakens Sleeping bulbs And serves as an excellent whey for growth.

Means for rapid hair growth


  • 20 ml of castor oil (responsible for growth)
  • 15 ml of avocado oil (responsible for food)
  • 5 ml of coconut oil (responsible for softening and shine)


Put coconut oil on the lid of a hot kettle or pots, so that it melts. Mix all the ingredients in a 40 or 50 ml bottle.
Mask of oils

Application of

  1. Apply the remedy on the eyelashes before going to sleep with the help of an unnecessary brush from the carcass - it will be healthy to strengthen the hairs. If you want to grow eyelashes, apply the remedy to the ciliary edge.
    Eyelash growth agent
  2. So that Grow thick brows, Apply the product on the skin in the eyebrow area - so you will awaken the sleeping bulbs, as well as the hairs themselves - so you will make them thicker.
    Hair Growth Mask
  3. Apply the mixture on the hair for 20-30 minutes before washing. They will be more shiny, elastic and obedient after the first application.

    Apply the product on the scalp 1-2 times a week for 40 minutes and wrap the head with a towel. So your hair will grow better.

    Mask for the growth and shine of hair at home

  4. And even men can use it Skin care productTo stop baldness. Or put oil on the beard, so that it grew thick and looked noble.
    Means for growing a beard at home

This kind of medicinal product can be prepared inHome conditions. It is very multifunctional and simply irreplaceable. Keep it in a dark cool place. After a few applications you will see its effectiveness and will do it always.

The surprise of everyone with a wave of long eyelashes and the glitter of hair! And do not forget to share the recipe with your friends in social networks.