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Multicolored candles

with help Beautiful candles You can create a romantic atmosphere or simplyDecorate interior. The modern market presents a variety of options for candles of different sizes, colors and aromas. But why spend money on something that can be done with ease Make at home? Because almost everyone has ordinary paraffin candles.

Today we will tell you how Conventional candle Turn into a work of art. This is a very exciting activity, and there is something magical about it. You can safely attract children and other family members to create a multicolored miracle.

Multi-colored candles

You will need

  • Paraffin candle
  • Paper cups
  • Glass beaker
  • Colored wax crayons-pencils
  • wick
  • A small piece of glass or metal
  • Favorite essential oils


  1. Prepare the wick. Usually it is sold with a ready base, but if you do not want to buy, then do it yourself. Put a small piece of paraffin in Paper cup And melt in the microwave (if there is no microwave, just hold paraffin in a water bath).

    Make a piece of glass or metal a small hole and stretch through it a wick. Place the resulting design in a glass beaker and fill it with prepared paraffin.

  2. Cut chalks of the desired color into small pieces.
  3. Place by Paper cups Paraffin and chopped chalks. Melt everything in the microwave. Thoroughly mix the contents of the beakers until Homogeneous mass. Add the essential oil. Pour into the glass with the wick mass of the desired color. You can tilt the container to get the desired shape.
  4. Wait, bye The first color will solidify, And fill a lot of other color. So do with each color until you get a full-size candle. You can make each layer with a different flavor.

If you add essential oils to the mixture, beforeNew Year's holidays try to make candles with the smell of Christmas trees and mandarin. Also you can decorate a glass glass with coffee beans, shells or beads, the main thing - not plastic ones.

So you can make a variety of candles. The whole process will take very little time, and the result will greatly please you and your loved ones.

Decorate your house with beautiful candles and share the idea with your friends!