/ How to Use Lipstick

How to use lipstick

Hygienic lipstick - a cosmetic product, for many has become a familiar and even mandatory means of care and protection of the lips.

Hygienic lipstick

but "so simple!" In this article will share such ways of its application, which you never thought of. Let's start, perhaps!

How to use lipstick

  1. new shoes - it's always fine! But you can avoid scuffs and blisters if you lubricate the "critical" places on your feet with hygienic lipstick. This trick will reduce friction and avoid discomfort.
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  2. If the ring from the finger is not removed, but no vegetable oil, no thread at hand, breathe deeply and ... safely put in business hygienic lipstick. Works always!
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  3. The nose has worn out? It does not matter, you can grease it with hygienic lipstick! In fact, this product has much more moisturizing and protective properties than many creams ...
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  4. Small Scratches and cuts Can be treated with hygienic lipstick, if at hand there are no special medical devices. This will save the wound from getting into her infection, and will also speed up healing.
  5. Hygienic lipstick is an excellent tool for Eyebrow styling. Except fixation, the product gives the eyebrows a well-groomed appearance and accelerates the growth of hairs.
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  6. Lipstick can easily replace Care product for cuticle. Why buy excess?
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  7. Electrified hair is a problem for many,Especially in the winter. Eliminate this problem simply by lightly brushing your palms with hygienic lipstick and holding your hand over your head, barely touching the protruding hair. Look not to overdo it!
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  8. Hygienic lipstick can also be used as a remedy for split ends of hair.
  9. Smear the lipstick of the place above and under the dog to easily solve the problem with a lightning strike.
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  10. After a long break in wearing earrings so hard to insert them into the earlobe again. And again, lipstick will come to the rescue!
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  11. Traces of the carcass can be easily removed with a cotton swab,Smeared with lipstick. By the way, if it happened that you spend the night outside the house, and there are no means for removing make-up, use hygienic lipstick. Not too convenient, but still better than just soap, drying the skin.
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And how many ways to use hygiene lipstick you know? Tell me in the comments and do not forget to share it!