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Crafts from strips of paper

Quilling - The art of twisting long and narrow stripsPaper in different figures and create different compositions, both voluminous and on a piece of paper. Quilling became a favorite kind of creativity of many needlewomen. With the help of quilling you can decorate albums, notepads, postcards and even walls in the house.

Redaction "so simple!" Very inspiring work done in this technique. They look very neat, elegant and tell us about how their performer bothered. Create such Works of art - rather laborious work, but it serves as a wonderful anti-stress and gives the opportunity to reveal creativity.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the basics of this technique and see the wonderful inspirational Ideas of hand-made articles.

Crafts from strips of paper

You will need

  • Awl or toothpick
  • Paper strips for quilling (you can cut out strips of colored paper 3-7 mm wide)
  • glue
  • scissors


  1. Take a piece of paper with two fingers. Pull the end of the strip with the two fingers of the other hand with the pressure, using a fingernail with the nail so that the end bends slightly.
  2. The bent tip is more easily wound on the awl. There is also a special tool with a bifurcation at the tip. If you have one, you can skip the first item. Tightly wind a few turns.
  3. When the diameter of the paper circle is 3-4 mm, it can already be removed from the awl. Further twist manually.
  4. Twist the thick disk with two hands, keep it with your fingers all the time so that the paper tape does not blossom.
  5. Now slightly relax your fingers, allowing the paper spiral to bloom a little.
  6. Glue the end of the strip to the base with the glue of the pva.
  7. Now compress the workpiece with two fingers. A figure appeared in the form of a drop. The workpieces can be molded in a variety of shapes, compressing and denting.
  8. Connect the workpieces to different shapes. You can combine different colors, for example, in one petal you can use two or more.

Ideas of hand-made articles in quilling technique

  1. Flower-candlestick. Looks very original!
  2. Caskets made in this technique will serve as a chic decoration element. But for storage of things they do not fit. Except for cotton wool or napkins.
  3. You can make a very beautiful three-dimensional picture.
  4. Very popular recently Postcards in quilling technique. Ready in the store are quite expensive.
  5. Pendants for the children's room.
  6. A good option for wall decoration.

All crafts are very refined. You can also use this technique to decorate certain parts of objects. Believe me, it looks incredibly beautiful live! Once trying to do something in Quilling technique, You can not stop and create new decorations.

We wish you a creative mood! Share ideas with friends.