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Fashionable hair coloring in 2017

hair color Gives a woman a mood, and, changing it, you can dramatically change your life. Redaction "so simple!" Gladly hurries to tell you about the upcoming trend, which confidently conquers the hearts of millions of women.

Meet the explosion of the future, 2017, - new equipment Hair coloring "tiger's eye". She grew up from the accentuated balaža - technique at the beginning of this year, in which light strands are naturally and smoothly intermingled with dark strands.

hair coloring

eye of the Tiger - an incredibly beautiful stone, a kind of translucent quartz with a copper-golden-brown hue and a fascinating silky shim on the glossy surface. of course, Stylists And the first beauties of the world could not leave him without attention.

Tiger's eye stone

Colorists managed to transfer the color of this stone to the hair. For a cool autumn-winter season such Kind of coloring Looks an ideal choice, as it gives the hair and pale face a warm tint.

Coloring in coloring hair

First implemented a new trend of jennifer lopez, collecting thousands of Admiring reviews From the fans. Her example was followed by Jessica Alba, kate beckinsale and joan smoles.

The author of a new technique of blending shades, the British stylist of the measles tattle, told the secret of her idea: "I wanted to simplify the life of the girls and create a color that would" grow "well, just was done and did not require frequent renewal".

Hair coloring highlights

The process is very simple, and you can easily handle it At home, Not resorting to the services of the salons. If you are the owner of dark hair, then color the strands in amber and honey color from the roots to the tips, making them all lighter. With blond hair all the way around: gradually darken the strands in shades of buckwheat honey and milk chocolate.

Hair coloring at home

In the end, hair gets a luxurious look. Due to the game of color, they visually look more dense and shiny. Coloring looks beautiful on the hair of any length.

Hair coloring 2017

Boldly try this painting and share impressions! Sure, you will be satisfied. Rather share a new trend with your friends!