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Healthy eating habits

Vadim zeland argues that the modern world -Culture of slow death. People get sick and die without even realizing it ... for all the controversy of their attitude towards this character, I feel that in the words of the zeland it makes sense.

Zelland disease

Healthy eating

People do not notice that they are ill and die in a stupid way - because of the elementary lack of food culture. Since the moment when these three basic components appeared in the diet: White flour, margarine, yeast, The culture is over ...

In order to get a real benefit from the chosen food style, you must have Elementary culture of nutrition. We must understand that the body is not a steam locomotive, and shove everything there without any consideration and analysis, in the hope that "everything will burn down", well, just stupid!

If the human herd massively produces and consumes what it kills, then you can not trust it. Well, how can you trust a drug addict, for example?

The basis of proper healthy nutrition on zelandu

  1. The diet should be constant, unchanged
    You can not dramatically change the diet! This is due to the microflora of the intestine, which is adapted to digest this or that food. It is slowly being rebuilt, adaptation can take months.
  2. The diet should be as varied as possible
    Dishes should be simple, from several ingredients, but at the same time to contain the maximum amount of all the substances necessary for the body!
  3. Food should be a pleasure
    If what you eat is useful, but tasteless, youWill always want something unseemly, but tasty, and this ordeal will continue until the brain receives its portion of pleasure.

    Do not engage in masochism, do not chew a green salad, like a cow. You should look for simple but delicious recipes and get not only good, but also fun!

  4. Artificial stimulants to exclude from the menu
    Depression and panic attacks - diseases of a new generation. They are caused by nothing more than chemical components in products!
  5. The main principle - the products must be natural
    It means: without gmo, yeast, chemistry, synthetics. A product that is "concluded and buried" for a long period of storage, can not be considered natural.

If the body could speak, he would say: You can starve me, torture me with exorbitant physical exertion, throw me in the heat or cold, you can start the blood, you can beat, torture and even cut - I'll take it all down ... but if you will persecute me, you and I will be ill, very bad - everything will simply end very badly.

Healthy food is the basis of a healthy life. If you are interested in this view of the food we eat, be sure to show the article to your friends!