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How to get rid of spiders

most of Spiders Lives in the wild under the open sky, but there are some who like to share shelter with a man.

Most often in apartments and houses settleLong-legged spiders-haymakers (build a messy spider web), as well as a black house spider and a gray home spider (these are trying to weave neat structural networks).

Kinds of house spiders

Spiders living in our homes, do not bring much harm to man. Even on the contrary: they help to fight moths, flies and other insects-cockroaches. but Spider webs in the corners of rooms And the prospect of increasing the population of arthropods attracts very few.

Many spiders in the house

How to get rid of spiders

If a lot of spiders appeared in the house, then they found a permanent source of food for themselves. Therefore, if there was a need to get rid of spiders, it is necessary to find out what else Insects bred in the house, And to arrange a round-up and on them.

How to bring spiders out of the house

To remove arthropods, it is not necessary to resort to pesticides. There is a simple means, which in two accounts will force the spiders to leave the dwelling.

Essential oil of spearmint

Essential oil of mint - the most popular tool for combatingSpiders. They do not tolerate it! To prepare a natural repellent, in 100 ml of water add 2-5 ml of essential oil, pour this mixture into a bottle with a spray and carefully shake.

How to bring spiders out of the house

During the next cleaning process thisMeans all the window and door openings, corners and cracks in the house. Then repeat the procedure after 2-3 days. You'll see, the spiders will soon go in search of a more suitable home, and your house will be filled with a magical scent!

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