/ How to use nail polish

How to use nail polish

I often collect a certain number of bottles on the shelf Nail polish, Which I do not want to use anymore. Became thick, withered, the color ceased to like, too pearly, glitter is not needed ... now I will tell you how you can apply this valuable substitute for paint and glue!

Useful varnish applications set. They can fasten the loosened cogs in the frame of glasses, stop the arrows on kapron pantyhose. Wear on leather boots and bags can be covered with a varnish of dark color. Even a large screw on the socket, which weakly holds, is able to fix the lacquer! But there are more interesting tricks, the existence of which you can not even guess!

How to use colored varnish

How to use nail polish

A little tip: do not dilute the thick lacquer with nail fluid, it is better to use a special diluent, which is usually sold in the department with manicure accessories.

You can paint everything with varnish - pens on lockers, barrettes, cups, different glass objects. Lacquer is a wonderful substitute for acrylic paint and can be used For decoration of wooden surfaces. Now you'll see how it's done!

You will need

  • insulating tape
  • wooden box
  • Colored nail polishes
  • Water tank

How to use colored varnish


  1. To decorate the casket with a magnificent color pattern, you need to put a minimum of effort. The first thing to seal the tape is those parts of the box that you do not want to paint.
    How to use colored varnish
  2. Pour into the container with water lacquers, which are well combined with each other in color.
    How to use colored varnish
  3. Left to dunk the box in the water with a varnish, and a colored pattern will be applied. In such a cunning way You can use nail polish For decorating various trifles!
    How to use nail polish

What a delightful Marble effect It turned out! I really want to paint a cup in this way: all that is needed is water and lacquer.

How to use nail polish

very easy Use colored varnish For the manufacture and decoration of New Year's toys. This topic is now relevant, and I will share with you the ideas that I liked.

Glass ball painting

  1. Pour the lacquer inside the glass bowl.
    How to use nail polish
  2. Distribute it evenly, excess lacquer pour back into the bottle.
    How to use nail polish
  3. A brand-new Christmas tree toy is ready!
    Nail polish lifhak

That's how you can revive using a varnishCostume jewelry and give it an amazing view! Color lacquer can cover any tarnished rhinestones, any vulgar shiny details. Great idea for creativity with children, by the way!


  1. The result is impressive!
    Nail polish lifhak
  2. Inexpensive jewelry looks much better, very original!
    Nail polish lifhak
  3. Elegant rework of a simple bracelet!
    Nail polish lifhak photo

At last - the most interesting. Scared the sea, I love different shells and Sea motifs in the interior. With the help of ordinary shells, small and not very, as well as nail polish you can make lovely little things. Any one will cope with it, even I succeeded.

Shell painting

  1. I can not stop! Such decorations are now popular and sold on the Internet for impressive amounts. With the help of pearl lacquer and small rhinestones, you can make this suspension yourself! Agree, looks dignified.
    Colorful nail polish Photo
  2. Painted with bright lacquer shells will be an excellent substitute for the usual New Year's toys!
    Colored nail polish pictures
  3. Another option!
    Old nail polish
  4. The spirit of Christmas!
    If the varnish is withered
  5. For especially irrepressible fans of handmade and drawing! In my opinion, very nice.
    Nail polish lifhak photo
  6. This idea fascinated me, what to do.
    Nail polish lifhak photo
  7. Seashells can be worn directly on the lights of garlands! Beauty, such a warm and cozy light ...
    Nail polish lifhak photo

Tell me what ideas you have suggestedLiked! I will be very grateful if you tell me about the themes for creativity with my own hands, which attract you most of all. I promise to do this stuff!