/ Why do my hair become electrified?

Why do my hair become electrified?

Sooner or later, each of us is faced with such a problem, when Hair flies in different directions, As if someone is attracting a magnet. What happens to them? Summer hair also dries the sun and salt water, but due to the fact that there are no sharp changes in temperature and our body receives a lot of vitamins, they look decent.

In winter, the hair is affected by frost and dry air. Hair accumulates static electricity: Stand on end, Lose shine, become brittle. And they should be smooth and silky! So it is very important to pay special attention to locks and do not spare any money or time.

Today "so simple!" Tell you about the causes of this phenomenon. And of course, What to do to prevent hair from becoming electrified in winter.

Why the hair is electrified?

  1. This problem can occur because of the Poor hair condition, Namely - improper care for them. Pick up a sparing shampoo and always use a balm rinse. Try not to wash your hair every day and 1-2 times a week use a mask for your hair type. Use very well Indelible air conditioners.
  2. Quickly eliminates the electrization of hair Mineral and thermal water. In addition, rinsing hair with mineral water after washing has a beneficial effect on the scalp.
  3. For the taming of shrewd hair will suit Cream for face or hands. It is necessary to take a pea of ​​cream, rub it in the palms of your hands and smooth them with hair. Just do not go too far with cream, otherwise you will get the effect of unwashed head.
  4. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil or rose in water and sprinkle it with hair. It really helps very well and gives the hair a pleasant aroma.
  5. If you can not refrain from drying with a hairdryer, then do not spare money and buy a hairdryer with Ionization function. Believe me, your hair will be very grateful.
  6. A very important role is played by a hairbrush. It is best to use wood from birch or ebonite. Most importantly - it should be well polished.
  7. Add to your shampoo beaten egg yolk and a little gelatin. This will help a little to weight and strengthen hair.
  8. Beer serves as an excellent assistant in Anti-electrifying hair. Use light to rinse hairAfter washing. Only do not go too far, otherwise they can stick together. Dilute beer with mineral water in a proportion of 1: 1 - get a healing hair bomb! They will be smooth and crumbly.
  9. Do not go in winter without a hat, so as not toSupercool the scalp. By itself, the hat is best chosen from natural materials. If you have a synthetic hat - treat it before you leave the spray-antistatic.
  10. To remove static electricity, it's easiest to use Anti-static spray. If it is not, you can sprinkle the comb with varnish and comb your hair.
  11. Ventilate the room and Moisten the air in itTo avoid further dryingHair, which is the main cause of electrification. Can be used for this purpose as special devices, and put a wet towel on the battery.
  12. Shoes on the rubber sole allows electrical discharges to accumulate in the hair, and boots on Leather soles Contribute to a better grounding, and therefore, eliminate excess electricity in clothing and hair. Give preference to shoes on leather soles in those periods when Hair is electrified Most strongly. At first glance, nonsense, but it works.

Hair always needs care. It is important not only to look after them with the help of effective means, but also to pay great attention to their Nutrition and lifestyle. Because it is better to prevent the problem, rather than spend a lot of energy and money to fight it.

We wish you not to be like this dandelion this winter! Share tips with friends.