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What to do with children

Children have children and make them sit quietly - something from the realm of fantasy ... and there's nothing to it at all! "so simple!" Collected 12 tricks that will help Pacify, And parents will make a little happier.

How to calm a child

Than to take children

  1. That children do not arrange bedlam in the car, this ingenious father came up with partitions ... I think it helped for a while!
    Children in the car
  2. A pack of frozen vegetables - an excellent disguise for sweets.
    How to store sweets
  3. Painting the fence is a responsible business. While the painter is small, instruct him to do it with water.
    Than to take a child
  4. A corner for creativity from an old crib. And a board for chalk - in general, a find!
    A workplace for a child
  5. To protect against sand on the beach use a stretch sheet.
    Child on the beach
  6. With such bright stickers of confusion will no longer happen! The baby will soon learn how to put on shoes on the right foot.
    How to teach a child to wear shoes
  7. Color this way the clock, you visualize the time frame and teach the child to plan his time.
    Schedule for the child
  8. But as in the game form to attract the baby to work around the house.
    Than to take a child
  9. A big box is a big space for realizing all kinds of fantasies!
    Games in a cardboard box
  10. Hands clean, the child is delighted, parents are not nervous ...
    Ice cream for baby
  11. Roll of wrapping paper, frame and fasteners: the place for creativity is ready!
  12. Beauty salon for dolls: dissolve a little conditioner for hair in a glass of water to return the toys to the proper look.

The creative approach will always help to direct irrepressible children's energy in the right direction and thereby save the house from destruction, because being a parent is being a little magician!

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