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Harm of yeast

In my family have always respectedBread, remembering relatives who died during the hunger strike. How can you not love bread or give it up? They used to eat fragrant slices with different dishes, they used to make sandwiches. One chagrin - Store bread Recently it has become quite different to taste, quickly deteriorates, not the smell.

It turns out, Thermophilic yeast, Which are now used in bakery,Can affect the quality of bread and harm human health! Thanks to these yeast dough is suitable for an hour, and once bread was cooked by yeast from hop and it came about for about a day!

Moreover, it is now extremely commonFungal diseases. Almost all are sick with them: 80% of the adult population and 95% of children. With pharmacy means these diseases can not always be cured, or drugs give a short-term effect. Mycosis of the skin of feet and nails, fungus of mucous - well, who has not heard of this now?

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Harm of yeast

It is very difficult to refuse the purchase of bread, butThere are compelling reasons to do so. It's a dead meal. Yeast, which we consume together with bread, get in capsules from gluten. They are released from these capsules in the intestine, they begin to multiply there and break the microflora, irritate the mucous membrane. Also yeast is parasitic in the blood, consuming vitamins and trace elements!

Harm of yeast

Yeasts settle in the intestines, and their secretions Kill useful microcloflor, Necessary for its normalFunctioning. As a result of disturbed processes of digestion, absorption of nutrients. Immunity becomes weak, metabolism is broken, and a person is gaining weight!

Store bread

It is worth learning how to bake a homemade bread or buy a yeast. As soon as you stop eating a purchase Yeast bread, You will notice positive changes in your body. Will improve the condition of the skin and hair, digestion will be adjusted, immediately a couple of extra pounds will disappear!

If you ever had any fungal diseases in your life, you should definitely stop eating bread from the store to prevent relapse. Tell your friends about it!