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Is it possible to have sex during menstruation?

This topic is taboo and little discussed even in medical circles! Seemingly modern society, but for some reason the attitude towards Natural process Very strange. Women from childhood are taught to think that the monthly - it's awful and indecent and talking about them once again is not worth it.

It is silence that gives rise to many problems! What is important to know each of us in order to stay healthy? To think only half the life of a woman with her this phenomenon occurs, but how little is known about it ...

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Can I have sex during menstruation?

  1. 70% of women suffer from painful and difficultly flowing monthly
    Gynecologists explain this as follows: the female body is not adapted for a long time to function normally without experiencing the state of pregnancy and lactation.

    Once a woman experienced 160 menstrualCycles in their entire life. Now - as much as 450! This is a serious stress for the body, which has not yet evolved and adapted to the conditions of the modern world.

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  2. Sex during menstruation can relieve the painful condition
    A small physical load in combination with hormones of pleasure - Endorphins and oxytocins - can reduce abdominal pain and headache during menstruation.

    This does not mean that you need to go intoLove, if it seems unpleasant to you to think about it. Sex can be replaced by physical activity! Any simple physical load will positively affect the body, whether it's jogging or gymnastics.

    Yes, we have been mistaken for many years about the fact that physical activity during menstruation is completely contraindicated!

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  3. Sex during menstruation can reduce bleeding
    During sex, the smooth muscles of the uterus contract, and this provokes active rejection of its mucous membrane. As a result, the number of unpleasant days can be reduced! Through sex Very painful menstruation Can be defeated.

    Women with severe bleeding Useful sex during menstruation, But several necessary conditions must be observed.

  4. Sex during menstruation does not cancel the use of contraceptives
    In the period of menstruation, the possibility of becoming pregnant or contracting a sexually transmitted infection still remains high. It is necessary to use contraceptives!

    Blood that is released during this period, notIs capable to do much harm neither female, nor man's genitals. But if one of the partners is a carrier of a bacterial disease, which he may not even guess, the risk of infecting another increases many times. Cervix with the monthly open, viruses and bacteria freely fall into the female body. it may Cause female infertility.

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now you understand, Why have sex during menstruation Is not something reprehensible. If both partners want this and normally perceive their body, there is nothing terrible in this. At the same time, one should not forget about the elementary rules of hygiene and contraception in this period!

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