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Star on the tree

The new year is getting closer and closer, and it's time to think seriously about Creating a festive atmosphere in the house. Stores offer us just an incredible amount of festive decorations. But what can be more exciting than creating wonderful things with your own hands?

Redaction "so simple!" Will share with you how to make a very beautiful star on the tree. This article can also serve as Decoration on the door Or become an unusual element of decor.

Star on the tree with your own hands

Star on the tree

You will need

  • 2 sheets of cardboard 30 × 30 cm golden or silvery
  • Silicone adhesive
  • Scissors or stationery knife
  • Sequins


  1. If a sheet of golden cardboard with only oneHand, you need to glue two sheets together. If there is no shiny cardboard, do it yourself: apply a thick layer of ordinary glue on both sides with a thin layer of ordinary glue and thickly strew the glitter.

    Cut the cardboard into 20 identical strips 1.5 cm wide each.

    A star on a tree of paper with your own hands

  2. Take two strips and fold them in the middle crosswise at an angle of 90 degrees, as in the photo.
    Star on a tree of cardboard
  3. Add more strips on the sides. Interweave the vertical strips with the horizontal, as indicated in the picture. Fasten the structure with glue. As a result, there should be 10 strips in a row.
    Star on the top of the tree with his own hands
  4. In the same way add strips on top and bottom. Do not forget to fix them with glue on each joint.
    A star on a Christmas tree made of colored paper
  5. Unfold the workpiece so that its middle forms a diamond in front of you. Slit the two nearest lower strips to make a loop.
    Tip on the Christmas tree star
  6. In the same way, connect 4 strips on each side of the workpiece. There should be 2 loops in each corner.
    Three-dimensional star on the tree with his own hands
  7. Make one more identical figure.
    Star on the homemade tree
  8. Slit both halves to get a star.
    Six-pointed star on the tree
  9. Strips that have remained unused, stretch inside each ray of the star. Fix it with glue.
    Star on a Christmas tree
  10. Here is such a wonderful star is obtained in the end. It can be additionally decorated or mounted inside a garland, so that it really shines.
    Star on top of Christmas tree made of paper

It remains only to decorate the star with a Christmas tree. You can make several such toys and hang them to the ceiling.

Star on the top of the tree with your own hands

We wish you inspiration and Wonderful holidays!! Share an idea with your friends and tell us in the comments how you dress up your house for the new year.