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Garlic from parasites

Once garlic was used as an amulet against vampires, werewolves, witches and evil spirits. A bunch of garlic hung at the entrance to the house, and the hosts were calmly at heart ...

Garlic and truth has a powerful protectiveAction! Bacteria, viruses, any pathogens that cause serious illnesses disappear if the natural antibiotic is applied in time.

Garlic from worms - a tool number 1, and now you will learn how to properly take it to cleanse the body of parasites.

Garlic antioxidant

Garlic from parasites

Everyone knows about the useful properties of garlic, but not allRemember one important condition: this tool can solve a lot of health problems, if you use it regularly! Not a day without a healing tooth ...

A great idea - put a clove of garlic for the night under a pillow. In the morning, only waking up, you should eat this very denticle for the prevention of worms and other parasites. Garlic on an empty stomach Is a potent remedy. If you find him in the morning in your bed, you definitely will not forget to use a natural medicine!

Kidney disease, alopecia, blockage of the arteries,Colds, any respiratory tract infections - all these problems can prevent natural substances contained in garlic. You can activate its action, crushing the denticle and mixing it with a drop of sunflower oil and a twig of chopped parsley. If you eat garlic in this way, there will be no bad breath!

Tell your friends about why garlic is worth eating constantly, without missing a single day. This is the best disease prevention!