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Haircuts for rare hair

Owners of thin and rare hair know firsthand what a test - to put them! "so simple!" It is known how much trouble with Rare hair, So we prepared 5 superstrings, able to create a miracle with your curls.

Haircuts for rare hair

  1. Graduated bean, Like no other haircut, creates a stunningVolume! Not for nothing that the bean has been keeping the first position among popular short haircuts for several years in a row. Looks great with both dark and blond hair.
    Graduated bean for fine hair
  2. Piksi with an elongated bang Not only does it visually increase the mass of hair, it also rejuvenates great!
    Piksi with an elongated bang
  3. Asymmetrical short haircut: A shock of hair on the head is ensured!
    Asymmetrical short haircut
  4. Graduated square with bangs - feminine classics, which will allow to look well-groomed in any situation.
    Graduated square with bangs
  5. Elongated square And staining in the ombre style together create the necessary volume effect. Do not forget only once in 3 months to cut the tips of your hair so that they do not seem shabby.
    Elongated square

Of course, without special shampoos, conditioners and styling products, which give volume, you can not do it here, but with a successful haircut, you must agree, it's much easier to create a stylish hairstyle.

To increase the density of the curls and to accelerate their growth, you can use home remedies, for example, a mustard hair mask will perfectly cope with this task!

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