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Broken goods

Next to my house recently built a smallscore. Mainly there is selling household chemicals and cosmetics, but there are other products: for example, cups and plates. The rack with fragile dishes is located right at the entrance to the store, next to the narrow passage. Here it is interesting, to whom it occurred so to arrange the products? I represent how many beautiful cups have already been broken by buyers ...

If you accidentally Broke the goods In the store, do not rush to run to the cashier and pay for an imperfect purchase! We will teach you what to do in such a situation.

Remember this truism! "The person who caused harm is exempted from compensation for damage, if he proves that the harm was caused not through his fault."

Who should pay for the broken goods in the store

Broken goods

If there are no sideboards on the shelves, and you accidentally hitA bottle of a cart with wine - it's not your fault, it's a store merchandiser. Absolutely all goods must be stably placed on shelves, especially for fragile products.

Who should pay for the broken goods in the store

Everyone should do their job well! Of course, there are certain norms in the sphere of trade. The administration knows what and how should be placed in the store for the comfort of customers. Between the shelves with the products should be a certain distance - not less than 1.4 meters.

  1. 1,4 m - with a sales area of ​​up to 100 m²
  2. 1.6 m - with a sales area of ​​100 to 150 m²
  3. 2 m - with a sales area from 150 to 400 m²
  4. 2,5 m - with a sales area of ​​400 m²

If you broke the goods in the store, You can start to harass the guard, rudeBehave, threaten and even try to search. You must be able to stand up for yourself! Such actions on his part are unacceptable and punishable by law, this is a real excess of official authority.

Remember: you have to pay for the broken goods only if Your guilt is proven in court. In a different situation - dismiss!

Firmly state your innocence. Ask the administrator for a plaintive book and describe in detail what happened. Specify the time of the event - so it will be easier to find the footage recorded by the video. Tell me that the floor in the store is too slippery, there are narrow aisles between the shelves, and the goods are not fixed on the shelves.

Do not pay for the broken goods in the store

Most likely, at this stage, store employeesStop asking you to do anything: litigation and superfluous checks to them absolutely to what. If the administration continues to insist on its own, invite these people to resolve the matter in court. Also, you will complain that you will complain to government agencies for the protection of consumers' rights.

Please forward this article to your friends. They need to know how to act in such cases. If you have had such incidents, tell us your story. Your experience can help others!