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Treatment of vascular asterisks

Asterisks on the legs Is the headache of most women. Asterisks are called vascular mesh, which act under the skin. As a rule, they have a crimson or purple hue. In the end, your legs are no longer roads to happiness: trousers or long skirts, pantyhose darker, complexes and insecurities.

Usually asterisks appear in the area of ​​the ankles,Calves and thighs. In most cases, they are caused by three causes: genetic predisposition, poor circulation and bad habits. Sometimes they serve as a signal for the appearance of a more serious disease - Varicose veins.

If you noticed at least one or more,Then you should think about it and start taking measures to keep the beauty of your feet and prevent the appearance of vascular asterisks in large numbers.

To solve this problem, some women even resort to surgical interventions. But do not rush to such radical measures, because the editorial staff "so simple!" Will tell you how to make vascular asterisks less noticeable.

Treatment of spider veins

  1. Apple vinegar
    Apple cider vinegar is beautiful Tones the skin And at the same time relaxes the muscles. It also improves blood circulation.

    Take a piece of cloth and moisten it in apple cider vinegar. Then attach directly to those places where there are vascular asterisks, leave for 20 minutes for exposure and take off. If you do this procedure on a daily basis, the result will pleasantly surprise you: they will brighten up and practically disappear.

  2. Sleep with slightly raised legs
    This does not mean that you need to bully them toThe ceiling. It is enough to raise a little bit, putting under your feet, for example, a pillow. Thus it is already possible to considerably facilitate the circulation of blood in the legs, and thereby prevent the intensive appearance of the following vascular asterisks. Excellent prevention of this defect.
  3. Do not forget about antioxidants
    Try to drink every day a glassFreshly squeezed orange, grapefruit or tomato juice. It will be useful in all respects. Because antioxidants, which are contained in it in large quantities, are very important for Improve circulation, The saturation of the blood with oxygen and raising the vitality in general.

    Also eat fruits such as raspberries, kiwi, lemon, strawberries.

  4. Avocado
    Rose hips oil is often used inBeauty industry, because it has a very beneficial effect on the skin condition. And in combination with avocado, you will get a superb remedy for dealing with irritating Vascular asterisks on the legs.

    You need a flesh of half an avocado and 10Drops of rosehip oil. Mix them and apply the resulting gruel in circular motions to the problem areas for 15 minutes. Wash off with cool water. Do not forget to only apply it to the skin every time you have depilated. The effect will pleasantly surprise.

  5. Cold foot baths
    This is a very effective tool if you do the procedure regularly in the morning. 5 minutes of your time in the shower to do a cold foot massage: just pour the legs out of the shower and everything.

    So you can take it off Inflammation of the spider veins - they will not be so bright, improvecirculation. And, of course, feel freshness and lightness in your legs, which, I agree, is also very pleasant at the beginning of a new day. We recommend that you make it your good habit and do it every day.

At first glance, these tips are very simple. But believe me: they have a wonderful effect! Do the routines regularly, and soon your legs will regain their former beauty.

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