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Health care

disease Creates a lot of trouble and anxiety forMan, generates negative thoughts and emotions that are radiated into space. This energy is fertile soil for the development of pendulums associated with diseases. They are always very good at absorbing negative energy.

The pendulums generated by diseases are some of the most powerful. It is above all by ourselves Diseases and epidemics. In opposition to them are all sorts of pendulums medicine. Imagine what a powerful structure! Clinics, sanatoriums, institutes, factories, pharmacies, science, education ...

The goal of medicine pendulums - Disease control. In practice, it generates a lot of negative phenomena peculiar to destructive pendulums, because their main goal is to retain and attract adherents.

Health care

A person who is under the influence of pendulums of disease or medicine, Can not return Well-being of his youth - that beautifulTime, when questions related to health could hardly be of concern. You just did not give him much attention, so it did not bother you. Accordingly, the energy radiation did not include the frequencies of the pendulums of diseases.

With age, you gradually in varying degreesYou fall under the influence of pendulums. Radiating energy at their frequencies, you give them yours, get into dependence and move to painful lines of life. Therefore, to achieve the same health, it is necessary first of all Get rid of connections with himand.

This means not letting in the information from the pendulums and not taking part in their games. That is, to apply the failure method.

The most classic story - Talk about health with friends and family. As a rule, they are conducted not on the topic of health promotion, but on the topic Diseases and their treatment. One with presented emotions describes how he fights with his sores, and the second nods readily in response - yes, they say, old age is not fun.

Participants in such communication actively emit energyOn the frequency of pendulum diseases. This energy is as contagious as pathogenic microbes. Avoid such communication, otherwise you will not notice how you will pass to the radiation frequency of the disease.

This does not mean that you need to be isolated from people for the period of the disease, just do not resort to details.

If we describe this phenomenon in simple words, then Autosuggestion is triggered. Information that causes us a sense of fear or condolence is always postponed at a subconscious level and has a destructive effect from within. Such a trick is very common Enjoy scams, Who collect money for the treatment of "their" children. They are so emotionally telling that this can happen to yours, as you are ready to give the last money in your wallet.

One more destructive effect on your body is advertising. In your brain the program is laid: "Go to the pharmacy, take the medicine and get the reward - complete order in all matters". But it's not so scary. In this advertisement lies another, deeper, Hidden subtext.

Think about it: In advertising, as a rule, they show quite normal, attractive and even prosperous people. All these people are sick with something, although they quickly recover from the medications taken. All of us are instilled into the consciousness and subconscious the fact that we are predisposed to disease, are already sick or will soon be sick. And many accept these terms of the game.

And in fact many, especially elderly people, listen to these outpourings of the pendulum and in advance make up a program of ailments and exacerbations, as per the sentence.

Identify the pendulum of the disease is very simple -He lures you with information about diseases and their treatment. If you decide to ignore it, that is, to ignore it, not to take it seriously, the pendulum will be discouraged and leave you alone - this is its failure. If you meet this information with a healthy laugh and mockery, the pendulum in horror will rush from you away - this is its extinction.

So that this does not happen, you need to get out of the suspended state by joining the pendulums of recovery. They manage everything connected with Strengthening the body and spirit. Become an adherent of a healthy lifestyle, and you will understand how joyful and fascinating this is compared to the dull and painful struggle with illnesses.

It is quite obvious that if a person is busyCare for his well-being, he emits energy at the frequency of healthy lines and therefore he does not have to illnesses. So you see that there are two completely opposite ways of life - Treatment of diseases and Health care. It is obvious that in relation to diseases, the first refers to the internal intention, and the second - to the external one. You choose your own path.

Your thoughts determine your whole life. Tune in to health and happiness! Share information with your friends!