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How to start losing weight

Snake - sacred Symbol of transformation, Known since ancient times. To change and grow, she needs to lose skin. The process is rather unpleasant, one might even say, painful. Poor reptile suffers, it all itches, it rubs against different surfaces, eventually rips off its old skin and becomes stronger and healthier!

If you want to lose weight, change your body -You need to completely change your habits. As a snake sheds its old skin for renewal, you will have to drop what you are used to. Otherwise the result simply will not be!

You will succeed, the main thing is to start! In order for the kilograms to finally melt, you need to change your Approach to losing weight. Prepare to be surprised!

How to start losing weight

  1. We have long been taught that the main thing is to count up calories. If you reduce the amount of calories consumed and increase their consumption, weight loss will begin.

    In fact, to reduce the weight should be put in order Norm of hydrocarbon consumed per dayat. You need to eat more fat and protein, carbohydrates - to set aside!

    Salmon, sardines, herring, nuts, avocado, meat, eggs: all these products will contribute to the balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in the body. This normalizes the production Of the insulin hormone And the process of active accumulation of fat will cease.

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  2. Why is it so hard to give up the sweet? Because very often Level of insulin hormone Not in order. The person experiences discomfort from sharp jumps of sugar in the blood - dizziness, weakness, the desire to urgently eat some delicious food to dramatically increase the level of sugar in the blood.

    Exit for sweet tooth one: Switch to proper nutrition, During which the body will receiveA sufficient number of different trace elements, this will help normalize the hormonal background. It is very important to eat broccoli and other green vegetables more often, greens. They contain chrome, which naturally reduces the craving for sweets.

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  3. How to manage everything and eat right, even if the blockage at work and on what does not have enough strength? Here we need Schedule and system.

    It is best to buy food for a week ahead,Taking into account the menu by day. It is very convenient to cook garnish and meat for the day ahead and lay out everything in trays with the inscriptions: Monday - breakfast, Monday - lunch. So you will not eat a single extra piece! The same with fruit - placing them in separate bags, this will help control how much you eat at a time.

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  4. At the beginning of a diet and the transition to a new way of life, it is useful to use the phone. There is a reminder function, and it's your salvation!

    Need to eat every 4 hours: Then the body does not feel a deficit inNutrients and gradually weaned to store everything for future use. Set the phone so that it reminds you to eat on time, get the chicken out of the freezer in time to cook it for dinner, it is also important to drink enough water - this will also help the usual reminders.

    In fact, it is very pleasant to live according to the regime, everything is in time and at the same time it becomes more beautiful day by day!

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  5. Pledge that physical exertion will bring the result - their regularity. It means that it's better to get a little better, but every day than 2 times a week, but for wear and tear. 30 minutes a day is enough for effective work on the figure!
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  6. We wait when the time comes, and time just goes away. Much depends on the environment in which you are, from the people with whom you communicate.

    To lose weight, you need to protect yourself from temptations and To prepare dietary meals on time For example, to bake meat, fish, vegetables. To get something, something has to be abandoned. So, losing weight, many lose friends who do not share an interest in proper nutrition, or a company in which it is customary to drink alcohol every Friday.

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  7. Dependence on food really exists! Every time you reward yourself with food and overeat, the brain remembers that: it is being developed A hormone of pleasure - dopamine. The next time you decide to give up sweets or reduce a portion of lasagne, dopamine will not stand out, and the body will be ill.

    Distract from sudden impulses, while the perniciousThe chain of neural connections will not disappear. The decision to train and eat properly can not be accepted once and for all, it will have to be taken again and again, every day, sometimes several times a day. You need to be aware of this!

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  8. There is such a theory, about a bucket with crabs. Crabs one by one could easily get out of the bucket, but when they sit there together, the following happens: one climbs up, and all the others push it back to their relatives. When a person wants to quit smoking, friends say that it still will not work and they treat him with a cigarette - that's it Crab bucket, That same bucket effect with crabs.

    In fact, you have everything to start losing weight - an effective scheme of proper nutrition, available exercises. Rot your line until you reach the desired.

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  9. Lose weight with Regulated way of life is the only thingRight way. The diet for several months will not give the result that will result in a change in the nutrition plan for the year. To refuse refined sweets, baked goods, fast food and alcohol means not only to lose weight, but also to become healthier. This is a great motivation for any sane person!
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Why a person grows thin? Only as a result of changes in diet andWay of life. Making an effort, we change and become better. There is no miraculous secret and universal remedy, only a constant choice in favor of proper food and physical activity will give results!

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