/ How to choose clothes

How to choose clothes

Women in beautiful underwear Always look divinely and drive men mad. But for some reason we often pay a lot of attention to ordinary clothes, and the choice of underwear is put on the second plan, and sometimes on the third. This is a very big mistake! Such a miscalculation can spoil your whole image and worsen the opinion of others forever.

Redaction "so simple!" He will tell you about the main mistakes in choosing linen and how to avoid them.

How to choose clothes

  1. Enough to make from his priests caterpillar or sausage transferred! Get rid of tight-fitting panties with rough seams. Important in Choosing clothes - the size. Your fifth point will not become smaller and more attractive if the panties are a size or two smaller. It is best to choose seamless and natural thin fabrics.
  2. Do not choose a bra that lifts your chest to the chin. It looks, to put it mildly, ridiculous and even repulsive. The bust should be outstanding, but must be In place.
  3. Another big mistake is putting on white summer pants or white skirts with white panties. Yes, it's better than pink or purple. But they are still noticeable. It is better to choose Flesh-color And with a smooth texture.
  4. Do not wear under transparent blouses and sweaters bras that are radically different in color. Another Golden Rule - for transparent things you need to choose linen without embroidery and prints. Also, do not wear a textured bra under tight-fitting sweaters and t-shirts.
  5. The queen of all mistakes is an open back, on which Visible bra. If you have a small neat chest, you canIts generally to wear. The main thing is that the fabric of the apparel is dense and opaque. If you are the owner of magnificent forms or you can not do without a bra, choose a bra-transformer or overhead cups without straps.

And at last one more important detail: even if your set of linen was reduced to two subjects - they by all means Should be combined. And if they are from different sets, then this at least speaks of your careless attitude to yourself. Because we women should always be fully armed.

Beauty in detail! Be always at the highest level and share tips with your friends!