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BB-cream for face

Bb-creams Appeared on the cosmetic market only a fewYears ago, but already fond of many women. They were invented by German dermatologists as a means to heal and restore the skin after deep peeling and cosmetic procedures, and Korean manufacturers perfected these tools and released them for a wide audience.

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Such creams have both masking and caring properties. But progress does not stand still, and similar means have already appeared: cc-, dd-, pp-, and even her-creams. Redaction "so simple!" Tell you what they are different and for what kind of skin fit.

Bb-face cream

  1. Bb-cream
    Name bb-cream stands for "beautyBalm "or blemish balm, that is, beauty balm or masking balm. It creates good coverage and is suitable for any season. Moisturizes no worse than a good moisturizer, which is why the sensations on the skin are more like those that arise from the use of a cream than from a liquid foundation.

    Bb-cream copes with rashes, dries up inflammation, is able to level the tone of the face and eliminate excessive pigmentation. Is beautiful Make-up base, Masks defects and protects from sunlight. We completely do not recommend completely to refuse products for care in favor of iv-cream.

    He is capable of Moisturize the face, Remove irritation, but to replace the main caring tool is beyond his power. Bb-cream is suitable for any skin.

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  2. Ss-cream
    After the success of iv-creams appeared Ss-creams, Or color control (color control). Their task is narrower - this is Color correction. They were created primarily to combatYellowing or redness of the skin of the face. So the texture of cc-creams is significantly different from the texture of bb-creams. These creams are lighter and, as a rule, more simple to use.

    Cc-creams have light-scattering particles in the composition, these products illuminate the skin, thereby giving it Freshness and smooth texture. They are lightweight, weightless. They have spf filters and antioxidants, but this does not make the product worse. However, cc-creams are not suitable for oily or problematic skin.

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  3. Dd-cream
    Another step in the development of alphabetic, orLetter creams, was the creation of the formula dd. It gives not so much an even tone as protection and care. The abbreviation dd stands for daily defense or dynamic do-all.

    In dd-cream high level Protection against sun and free radicals. An excellent option for residents of megacities. But you should not abuse it, because it is able to clog pores. Dd-cream is best for aging skin.

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  4. Pp-cream
    Pink rose ("pink perfection"), or Pp-cream, Is a base for make-up. Silicone particles in the cream fill all the uneven skin, improving the relief, smoothing wrinkles, scars and reducing pores. Skin becomes Smooth and smooth. Seeing in the tube a vulgar pink cream, do not be scared.

    On the skin it becomes Transparent and inconspicuous. Do not forget to clean and moisturize your skin with care. After applying pp-cream, you can safely overlay a layer of conventional tonal.

    Pp-cream is suitable for any skin type, however it is not used as an independent product.

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  5. Ee-cream
    Extra exfoliation, or Ee-creams, Renew and exfoliate the dead skin cells,Protect from exposure to the sun, moisturize, give a radiant and light shade. Some combine the functions of protection against ultraviolet radiation and even the fight against acne. Her cream is not suitable for frequent use and Not recommended To apply to owners of a thin and sensitive skin.

    The tool is created for those who suffer from a dull complexion and an abundance of black dots. Some her-creams with the effect of lightening Will suit tanners: The cream is able to partially hide pigment spots.

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That's how simple it really is. A huge plus of such tools is that it's hard to make mistakes in color, as they perfectly match the tone of the skin. Flush them better with a hydrophilic oil or products containing oil.

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