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Pharmaceutical products for face

Chemist's cream May be better than special cosmeticFunds for the impact and at the same time be ridiculously cheap. I present you with a selection of my favorite medicines that will help look wonderful: replace the beautician, provide proper skin care, relieve the skin!

Pharmacy means for face

  1. Enterosgel
    Apply this well-known remedy on the lower eyelids onNight, and next morning there will not be bags under the eyes, even if the dream was very short. Edema appear due to excess water in the fatty layer, and the remedy for intoxication will perfectly clean them. The gel palpably dehydrates the skin, so do not forget to apply a moisturizing cream under the eyes after morning cleansing.
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  2. Cream "f 99"
    If the skin is worn, flakes, it is better tocan not found! The composition of the cream includes polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin f. You can use a miracle cream to treat the roughness on the feet and cracks on the heels, it is very effective! Cream has the property to regulate the work of the sebaceous glands, very useful for those who have problem skin.
    Cheap pharmacy means for face
  3. Solution for droppers "tiogamma"
    This medicine is used for severe poisoningOrganism, it is a powerful antioxidant. "Thiogama" will win free radicals and will update the cells, relieve wrinkles, acne, acne, and even the surface of the skin. Apply a salvage is necessary after washing a thin layer.

    Note that it can dry the top layer of the epidermis - more suitable for owners of oily and combination skin.

    Best pharmacy products for the face

  4. Gel "curious"
    Healing gel, which is used for treatmentAcne, has a magical anti-aging effect and is great for mature skin! Hyaluronic acid, present in the cream in high concentration, moisturize the deep layers of the skin and smooth out wrinkles, and will also make the complexion healthier.
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  5. Bepanten
    Provitamin B5 Makes the skin smooth, smooth, promotes rapid cell regeneration! Suitable for people with sensitive skin, soothes irritation.
    Pharmaceutical means for skin care
  6. "Capsicum"
    It's a heating tool with a very cleverAction. With the help of this cream you can mask cellulite! Apply ointment, leave for 20 minutes, then wash away with warm water, and the aesthetic problem will disappear for several hours. The remedy improves blood circulation, so it is a useful prevention of an unpleasant orange peel.
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  7. "Blepharogel"
    Hyaluronic acid will help to get rid of both small and deeper wrinkles.
    Pharmaceutical products for face from wrinkles
  8. Ointment "arnica"
    Will help reduce facial wrinkles, improve skin tone. Ointment is used for resorption of hematomas, it has a very strong effect due to increased circulation of blood in the tissues.
    Pharmacy means for face
  9. Ointment "apilac"
    Reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands, is an excellent tool for treating problem skin. Reduces inflammation, makes the skin extremely gentle.
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  10. "Religion"
    Ointment, which is used to treat hemorrhoids. Smooth wrinkles, remove swelling, relieve the flabbiness of the skin of the eyelids.
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Pharmacy for face skin Will be irreplaceable, it is only worth a try! Pleases the cost of many creams - they are more affordable than special cosmetics, but surpass them by their action. I'm sure you'll be satisfied!