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Properties of onions

Recently, a friend told me about an interesting trick! Boiling a chicken breast for a festive salad, you need to throw in the water cut on quarters red onions, along with the husks. The meat will get a nice pink shade! I have done this more than once, and the result is a feast.

Onion husk For soup - superperiodent! He will give the broth a rich color and an amazing aroma, and if you add mushrooms to the soup ... I recommend you try it.

What you learn now about onions can surprise, but it will definitely come in handy! I present to you the little-known properties of this burning product.

Properties of onions

Properties of onions

  1. Bow is beautiful Removes carbon deposits With pots, pans and grills! To get rid of dirt, sodium dishes are freshly cut onion. Then - wash the dishes well with water and detergent. Onion juice miraculously neutralizes the smell of burning and cleans the surface!

    So that the bulb cut in half does not wither, as it often happens, place it in a saucer cut by salt.

    Properties of onions

  2. Onion juice is capable Remove sweat stains With clothes! Put the juice on the stain, leave the clothes for a short while, then wash as usual. You will be pleasantly surprised, the yellowness will disappear!

    Onion is a powerful remedy for mosquitoes, ants and other insects. Pour water into a bowl, throw a bulb cut into rings. The insects will stay away from this place!

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  3. Onion will help cope with dirt on the surface of the shoe. They can wipe the sole, fabric, leather shoes. Displays even difficult spots from the grass!
    Properties of onions
  4. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, the onion will help with insect bites and will remove irritation in any inflammation on the skin surface.
    How to use onions
  5. Onion peel Relieves sore throat, reduces swelling. You can drink it with honey, a wonderful wrapping agent!
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  6. Therapeutic properties of onions Do not count! From onion gruel you can make a mask for oily skin: the onion will depressingly affect the sebaceous glands, the skin will dry out and the inflammations will disappear.

    Very good effect on the onion peel onScalp: eliminates dandruff, adds hair volume, enhances hair growth. It is recommended to rinse the hair with a decoction after using a conventional shampoo!

    Healing Properties of onions Known to everyone, but many do not use onions because ofOdor. It was curious to know that a characteristic onion or garlic smell is easily eliminated by eating several walnuts, almonds or pine nuts. Works better than any freshener for the mouth, but how useful!

    Use of onions

If you dry the onions in small pieces, you can add it as Natural flavoring In unsweetened pastries! Put a piece of onions in a bag of flour: the flour will acquire a mouth-watering flavor, homemade bread, buns and unsweetened pies will be delicious ... this video contains a couple more useful tips, be sure to look!

Tell your friends how to extract the maximumBenefit from the usual bow. I will be glad if you tell me in the comments what tricks on using the onions you use - this information will supplement the article and please the readers!