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Sleep and health

From childhood I was taught to sleep in a nightdress, pajamas or underwear. I did not even come up with the idea that you can do otherwise!

A couple of months ago I went to the reception toGynecologist, and he recommended me to sleep without underwear. The doctor was so persuasive that I tried and was surprised at the changes that occurred to me over the month!

Sleep naked useful

Sleep and health

Sleep without underwear Is equally useful to both women andTo men! This is the best prevention of various infections. The fact is that any bacteria die, falling on the dry surface of the most intimate parts of the body. Thrush will never be, if you follow one simple rule - always sleep without panties.

For men this is important for one moreEssential reason. Infertility and low activity of spermatozoa are often associated with overheating of the genitals in a dream, therefore it is recommended that anyone who is interested in this matter should abandon their beloved underpants at night.

Sleep naked Recommend everyone who has trouble sleeping: it makes it easier to fall asleep and helps to wake up easily in the morning.

There are studies that sleep without clothesHelps to solve various dermatological problems: if you do not overheat in a dream, there is no active sweating, the skin remains clean all night, and irritation decreases.

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