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How to handle money

Were you wondering why you work, work, and you still do not have enough money? Of course, we can say that with increasing profits, the needs also increase. But there are people who Small incomes And the house is equipped, and on vacation fly, moreover and postpone.

Redaction "so simple!" Advises you to approach the problem from the other side. Abstract so far from the thought that, How to earn more, And pay attention to where you are Spend money. Observe these 4 rules, and you will always be missed at all.

How to handle money

  1. always Plan a family budget. Best do it in writing, so as not to forget about the most necessary things. Of course, sudden expenses always appear, but in that case it will be easier for you to allocate money for them.
  2. If you plan too hard for you, just divide the money into basic and personal needs.
  3. In the event that you do not have a permanentIncome or it is seasonal in nature (for example, you are involved in agriculture), spend 2 hours of your time and calculate how much you need money each month. So you will feel confident for a year and, for example, in December you will not have to sit on bread and water.
  4. Divide your wages into 4 parts. And every week do not use more than the allocated amount.

Moreover, always treat money with respect. Keep them neat: do not bother on different pockets and do not fake. Keep your home clean and in time get rid of unnecessary things. Eastern wisdom says that money never comes to a slovenly house.

Change your attitude to money. Remember: they are not the ultimate goal, but only a means of achieving it. We advise you to read the books "rich dad, poor dad" by robert kiyosaki and "the richest man in Babylon", authored by Clayson george. They will teach you how to handle money and help you organize your knowledge.

And jim-jong books inspire you to new beginnings, thereby also to obtain new sources of income.

Always develop and plan your expenses. Share the golden rules with your friends!