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How to apply eyelashes

Long and thick eyelashes Always make the look more attractive and open. But what to do, if nature did not give you cilia to the skies?

For several years very popularThere was an eyelash extension. But still it looks attractive only a few days, and then your eyelashes are somewhat reminiscent of a spider on the wall. And their own badly, and after removing the accrued need to spend a lot of time and nerves for recovery.

The most famous and affordable way is to false eyelashes. Redaction "so simple!" Will tell you how to pick them up and easily paste them.

How to apply eyelashes

Before you use false eyelashes, you need to understand their types and find out which ones are right for you.

Kinds of false eyelashes

  1. Tufts
    With such cilia you can ask yourLook any mood. Glue them in the corners of the eyes - this will give them an amygdala shape, but you can throughout the ciliated edge. In this case, select beams of different lengths to preserve the natural effect.
  2. Eyelashes on solid tape
    They can be of any density, length and shape. It is best to choose such eyelashes on a transparent and very elastic basis. Because if they are tough, then you will stick them for a very long time and painfully, and then you will feel discomfort and tingling.

    Those with Effect of natural eyelashes, - suitable for everyone and for daily use.

    Those with Interlacing cilia crosswise, - are almost invisible, but create volume and fluffiness. Look closely, your eyelashes are also growing in different directions.

    Eyelashes of v-shape. They will give the look expressiveness, but it will not look too artificial.

    Super-removable false eyelashes Create an incredible effect, but alas, they are very noticeable. For such eyelashes is needed Evening makeup eyes.

  3. Theatrical lashes
    They come in any color, length and shape. Can mimic the wings of a butterfly or feathers. Perfect for a photo shoot, a stylized party or a celebration of the new year.

Rules for gluing false eyelashes

  1. False eyelashes can be Reuse. So pay attention to their quality. It is better to choose those that are made of natural nap, and if the funds are not enough, then choose any, most importantly, that they are thin and elastic.
  2. Never rely on the glue that goes in the kitWith eyelashes! Buy a tube separately - it will be enough for a long time and you will be assured of quality. It is necessary to take the choice of glue very seriously, so that at the most inopportune moment the eyelashes do not begin to fall off or, worst of all, Did not cause allergies.
  3. If you use one-piece eyelashes, be sure to try and trim them according to the size of the eye. It is best to cut the eyelashes in half.
  4. Before starting gluing degrease eyelid with powder or base under the shade.
  5. Squeeze glue on the hand or on another object, andThen use a brush to apply on the base of the false eyelashes. Wait a few seconds, so that it is slightly absorbed, and glue the eyelashes on the eyelid closer to the natural. Do not glue eyelashes on the mucous membrane, To avoid tearing of the eyes.
  6. Do it with your fingertips, if you are uncomfortable with tweezers or you are afraid to get hurt.
  7. After use, gently remove the false eyelashes and remove the glue from the eyelids. Put eyelashes in the package.

For the whole process you will spend 5-7 minutes, and if inIn this case you are a beginner - a maximum of 10-15. You can create any image! Also false eyelashes is an excellent option for those who want to give up carcasses or wish to restore their eyelashes a little.

To fix the read we give you this beautiful video, in which you will see the whole process of gluing in practice.

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