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Boro Plus cream

I want to tell you about a remedy thatReally deserves praise. This is one of the most budgetary creams, but it saves from a lot of problems! Natural ingredients, antiseptic effect, composition based on Ayurvedic herbs. Having learned about all curative properties of this ointment, you will understand why she always lies in my cosmetic bag ...

Boron cream plus formula

Boron plus cream

Universal - this is exactly about him! The scope of this special ointment is impressive. Personally, I most often use "boron plus" as an antiseptic, it very quickly heals wounds and cuts in children and adults. But this is only a meager part of its capabilities.

How to apply "boron plus"

  1. Against dry skin and facial peeling
    The best care for dry facial skin simply does not exist! The cream perfectly fights with peeling, especially in winter. It can be used as a healing agent After cosmetic procedures: Various peelings and cleansing.
  2. Hand protection
    Nourishes the skin of the hands, cares for the cuticle, softens it.
    Boron cream plus formula
  3. For the treatment of problem skin, acne and acne
    Ointment is very oily, but it should not scare! Apply it to the skin with a thin layer at night, surplus to soak with a napkin. Turmeric, kalgan, aloe, licorice extract - all these natural ingredients will help cope with any skin imperfections.
  4. For healing of cracked lips, treatment of herpes
    The cream will help to heal the cracked lips very quickly, it is effective even in the treatment of herpes. Gives the lips an amazing softness, very well moisturizes them.
  5. For burns
    With burns is irreplaceable! Not only helps the skin to regenerate quickly, but also relieves painful sensations, soothing the epidermis. sandalwood In the composition of the cream is especially effective in the case of burns.
  6. With irritation after shaving and allergies
    No rash and redness! For one night it is easy to get rid of such trouble.
  7. Against cracks on the heels
    Heels will be surprisingly soft, if every evening, lubricate them with a cream of "boron plus". In addition, the ointment possesses Antifungal effect!!

Borax cream plus reviews

Many people speak very well about the cream andAt the same time they are interested in: what is the difference between the green and the violet version. The composition of both tubes are almost identical, differ only in smell and density. Boron plus violet More dense and greasy, great for winter skin care, and it also has a sharper smell.

Borough plus green More light in consistency, because it is great for treating problem skin, it is not so fatty. That's all the difference!

Borage cream plus application

Another plus of this affordable drug is that it can be used for a long time, the ointment is consumed slowly. saving!

There was a whole eulogy of an ode "boro plus", butThese are not empty words. Try, and just be sure! If you have already helped this herbal ointment, tell us in the comments your story of its use, we will be grateful.