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Cleansing salt

In many nations of the world, salt symbolizes purityAnd decency. It is not surprising that it also appears in therapy. Salt has long been used in cleaning procedures for the body and soul around the world, and most importantly its advantage - Strong positive charge, Which it contains.

Salt is able to attract and absorb negative energy for a few minutes, so we suggest you do not waste time and start to relax! Purification of energy So it is necessary for all of us, at least sometimes.

Cleansing salt from spoilage

Cleansing with salt

For cleansing therapy, you will need aWhich you can stand with two legs and feel free, as well as a pack of ordinary rock salt. Follow the simple instructions to achieve harmony!

Salt cleansing ritual

  1. Isolate yourself from noise, people and other distractions. This can be done both in the room and in the fresh air.
  2. Put salt in the container. do not be sorry!
  3. Stand with your bare feet on the salt and relax.
    Purification of salt from the negative reviews
  4. Start mentally sending all negative thoughts,Impressions and excitement at your feet, imagining how all bad things go to salt. Do not hesitate to move, it's only for the best! The more energy you give, the better the cleansing will pass. You can stomp, spin and even jump, salt the feet with your feet, singing or chanting: "I get rid of bad mood" or "Farewell, failures!".
    Purification by salt from the negative
  5. When you feel that the negative has gone, cleanse your feet and wait a little, with new forces to begin the last stage of therapy.
  6. The remaining salt carefully collected in a bag and wash in a sink, toilet bowl or bury - so the salt will be cleared by itself with water and earth. Do not forget to thank her.

House cleansing

Purification of energy and Cleaning the house with salt It is useful to conduct all those who experience life's difficulties and are often in a bad mood. Check it works!

This procedure is more useful to everyoneAt once, especially as an emotional discharge. Now salt can be added not only to dishes, but also to your daily schedule. Share this salty article with your friends and charge them with a positive!