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Useful natural products

Knowing these little secrets, you easily distinguish Natural food From substitutes. Do not let yourself be deceived!

How much we know about what lies on the shelvesSupermarkets? Sometimes not more than what is written on the package, but sometimes this is left to the producer's conscience. However, even the inscription "organic" is not an indicator of good quality. There are several ways to distinguish the real product from a fake, and you will find out about some of them right now.

Quality food products

Useful natural products

How to recognize a high-quality product

  1. Meat products
    Start with sausages and sausages, since they are not onlyThey are very popular, but they also occupy the first place in terms of the content of additives and substitutes, which only create the illusion of meat in the product.

    Carrageenan, The frequent use of which leads toKidney diseases, is one such component. It is used to keep moisture. Simply put, the sausage is simply "pumped" with water for more weight. First of all it concerns products in vacuum packing.

    To check up presence of this additive simply - push more forcefully. If the liquid comes out, half the price is water.

    The second important indicator is color. Natural sausages and sausages should be pinkish-gray, but not bright red or burgundy.

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  2. butter
    The oil must be oil. Spread and margarine are made with the addition of vegetable or animal fats, which are far from creamy. In order to check that the product is in front of you, leave the purchased oil in its unfolded form for several minutes. If there are drops of water on the surface, then it's margarine.
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  3. milk
    Even regular milk is to be checked, since powdered milk or preservatives are not components of the natural product. First, good milk is stored no more than 5 days.

    Second, the best way to check - Add a spoonful of sour cream to a glass of milk. When using a quality product after a while you will get curdled milk.

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  4. sour cream
    There is a myth that its quality depends on the density or fat content, but the first and second can be achieved artificially. You only need to add more fat (not creamy) or thickener.

    Find out if a good sour cream is or not, ifAdd one spoonful of the product in a glass of boiling water. The real sour cream will dissolve, and the water will look like milk. Sour cream, which simply falls out in the form of sediment, it is better to leave on the supermarket shelf.

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  5. honey
    Honey is easy to dilute or fake using soy or starch. It is important to know that Fake honey It turns blue if you add a drop of iodine to a glass with a sweet delicacy!
    How to recognize a natural product
  6. caviar
    In caviar can not add anything, if itShe was never her. Under the guise of caviar, forgeries from seaweed are often sold. Such a "caviar" can be easily distinguished from the present! It dissolves without a trace in boiling water, while fish caviar leaves a white trace due to the protein that turns off at high temperature.
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  7. cheese
    Despite the fact that cheese types existAn uncountable number, bright yellow and orange among them there, and this is the first sign of forgery. In addition to the dyes, potassium nitrate is frequently added to the cheese, which belongs to the list of additives in category e.

    It adversely affects muscle tone, kidneysAnd heart, so it is better to make sure that it is not in the composition. And, of course, starch. As in the case of honey, iodine will help us: drop a piece of cheese and check if it is blue.

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important! Remember that natural products have a shorter shelf life than substitutes. Make sure that they are called by their names!

For example, "condensed milk", and not "condensed milk";"Cheese", and not "cheese product"; Sour cream, and not "sour cream". Try not to buy products with diminutive affectionate suffixes in the names, because they relieve the producer of responsibility for the discrepancy of content with state standards.

Now you can not be deceived: you will unmistakably determine, What products are natural, And you will only buy them! Share the article with friends and family, let everyone know about it.