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Compress from cough and honey

In the autumn-winter period, catching cold or catching the flu is very easy. Regardless of whether your cough is dry or wet, it is necessary to treat it, because ignoring this ailment can lead to Acute bronchitis.

Compress from a cough to the throat

We believe that no one likes the taste of the pharmacy cough syrup, and it is not always effective. Redaction "so simple!" Tell you about The best remedy for coughing. You will only need three ingredients, which you will surely find at home.

Cough compress with honey


  • 1 tsp. Honey
  • 1 tsp. Flour
  • 1 tsp. Coconut oil
  • Tissue napkin
  • Bandage


Mix honey, flour and warmed coconut oil, but not hot, so as not to get burned. A mass of paste-like consistency must be formed. Put it on a napkin and put it In the middle of the chest, But in any case do not put your heart on it! Fix the compress with bandage or a wide patch, if there is one. You can also apply a compress on your throat.

Compressive ingredients do not irritate the skin and have good warming properties.

Cough compress with honey

Application of

  1. if A child is sick, You can use this compress, leaving itFor 2-3 hours. Put a warm sweater on the baby or put it under a warm blanket to have a good warming effect and the components of the compress work better.
    Cough compress for children
  2. Adults can leave a compress for the whole night. Be sure to stay warm.
    An adult cough compress

Health improvement Will be traced after the first application. Repeat the procedure several times. This compress warms up well, removes perspiration in the throat and promotes the excretion of phlegm, thereby relieving cough. Also we recommend in parallel there is honey, it favorably influences state of health at a bronchitis and cold.

Cough compress at home

We wish you health! Share a recipe for miracle compress with friends!