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How to wash tulle

With such a nuisance, manyMistress. There was a new, snow-white tulle, light and airy. After the first wash it does not recognize! Where does this yellowness, unpleasant brown color, decay? I after all washed absolutely new thing in the typewriter, with usual powder. What a nuisance!

There is a sure way to avoid the dirty yellow color of delicate fabrics after washing! We will tell you how to keep beautiful things in a wonderful condition, How to properly wash tulle, So that later it would not be bitter and offensive ...

How to wash organza tulle

How to wash tulle

So that the fabric Kept shine, Whiteness and a representative view, first thingPay attention to the water temperature. Soak the tulle in barely warm water, about 30-35 degrees. If the water temperature is higher, the delicate structure of the tissue will collapse and the tulle will inevitably turn yellow!

How to wash a tulle from a nylon

The next stage is salty: add a half kilogram of salt to the basin with water. Hold the curtains in a saturated solution for an hour and a half, this procedure will help to remove even stained spots and Wash tulle ideally. After soaking in salt water, rinse the tulle, but do not use hot water for this purpose. Remember: cool, barely warm!

How to wash tulle in a car

Now, wash the tulle with a liquid remedy for synthetic fabrics. Gently handle the tulle, do not squeeze - just let it drain.

How to wash tulle in a vending machine

So that Return tulle shine, Add to the cool water vinegar at a rate of 1 tablespoon per liter. After rinsing the tissue will change!

If the tulle is white and you want to achieve a sparklingSnowy shade, add a little bit of liquid blue in the cold water, a couple of drops. Water becomes light blue. After rinsing in this solution the curtains will become snow-white, they will shine in the sun!

I hope these tips will help you: it's so nice when the windows are decorated with neat curtains! Share with your friends a useful article, on the eve of the holidays everyone wants a cosiness and cleanliness in the house.