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How to know the sign of the zodiac

Someone else's soul is dark, but sometimes enoughTo look at a person in order to have some idea about him. So it turned out that the appearance of the typical representatives of this or that sign of the zodiac conceals a few hints on which they are easy to recognize. Do you want to check? Then this article is specially for you!

To know the sign of the zodiac in appearance

How to know the sign of the zodiac

Basic external signs of the zodiac signs

  1. Aries
    Temperamental rams in all fall into extremes,Which is manifested even in appearance! The hair color of the representatives of this sign is often saturated with shades: velvet-black to light-wheaten. Even more often the curls are cast in gold or copper, emphasizing the bright nature.

    To learn the ram is possible by sparkling eyes, energetic gait and athletic build. They have a well developed musculature, allowing to be in shape until old age. Skin of typical rams Swarthy or even reddish, much less often - light, almost white. Often there are birthmarks on the face: one large or several small.

  2. Taurus
    The bulls have their own, extraordinary beauty. This sign is much closer to the elements of the earth and natural smooth forms. Body in calves, regardless of the constitution, always Proportional and strong, Both in women and men. The calves themselves are restrained and calm, and that is why they are sometimes inclined to fullness.

    The calf has thick, healthy hair, and maleRepresentatives of the second sign on the account is very beard. The calves have velvety eyelashes, big eyes and languid eyes. Sometimes on the cheek or above the full, sensual lips the mole darkens, and the skin is often swarthy.

  3. Twins
    Movable and agile twins Have a sinewy, slender physique. A characteristic feature of this sign of the zodiac - small, but lively and attentive eyes.

    Sometimes on their faces there are freckles thatCome complete with subtle features and their possible asymmetry, the nose is stark and upturned. The outstretched face is framed by thin, sometimes curly hair. The movements of the representative of this sign are sharp and precise.

  4. cancer
    Sensitive cancers are plump. The face of the face is large, with rounded outlines, the skin is light. In all forms of cancers, naturalness and harmony prevail, nature did not deprive women of crayfish attracting forms and grace.

    Types of appearance Cancers may differ due to the eye: They are either open, sad and large, or with a narrow or almond-shaped incision and a rich color. On the face, as a rule, there are no dark moles or other noticeable pigmentation, which can not be said about the breast. Crabs are unhurried, their walk and movements are slow.

  5. a lion
    Lions in everything tend to the ideal, and the appearance is notan exception. For them a regular, athletic type structure with strong bones is characteristic. Men - broad shoulders and narrow hips, women - chiseled figure, close or corresponding to the type of "hourglass." The love of sport and beauty always keeps the lions in tone.

    Facial features noble and large, sometimes slightly pointed, cheekbones clearly outlined, and the eyes clear, often light. Dark eyes, which are found in burning brunettes, are a rarity for a given sign. Typical lion Has luxurious light hair, even eyebrows, and the growth of representatives of this sign is either very low or very high.

  6. Virgo
    The virgins are not thin and not full, not high and not low, adhere to the golden mean. The correct oval of the face, a little stern features, thin lips and a small hump in the nose - Typical portrait of a virgin. Sometimes the nose is disproportionately long or large, but this is rare.

    Hair obedient, but thin, light brown. This sign has the widest spectrum of eye color: cherry-brown, nutty, green, cornflower blue and gray-blue. Look tenacious, insightful. Virgo ambitious, confidence in their movements.

  7. Libra
    Scales are under the auspices of Venus,So they are airy and light. Rarely meet the fat representative of this sign, rather, on the contrary, the scales are slender, with adjusted proportions of the body. Nevertheless scales do not refer to signs of athletic build. Their growth is rarely above average, but this does not diminish the charm.

    That in the scales really attracts, so this isBeauty features: expressive, clear lip contour, neat eyebrows, soft and deep look of large eyes. The smile of scales is battling on the spot with its beauty, and how charming are dimples on the cheeks! And women and men of this sign are always popular with others. The scales have good skin and healthy hair.

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  9. Scorpio
    Representative of this sign you can easily notice inCrowd, and this is not only due to high growth! Scorpions are hot brunettes and bright blondes. Stately, memorable, but it is thanks to penetrating to the depths of the soul look.

    The eyes of the signs of the zodiac Can tell a lot about them, but there is no more vivid example than a scorpion. Sometimes they have a cold and impenetrable look, sometimes open and catching, but always contrasting.

    The face is framed by unruly and thick hair, and the noseElongated, with a hump or simply pointed. With age, a scorpion can grow stout, but the representatives of this sign are not light on the rise with such a face.

  10. Sagittarius
    If anyone knows how to present himself properlyThus, they are independent archers. Their growth is above average, and the structure is ambiguous: the bone is large, but the thorax is narrow. Women have lowered wide hips, men are prone to weight gain with age.

    Cheerful people in life, Archers are quite active And full of enthusiasm, which affects their fastMovements. The typical color of the eyes of the streltsy is brown, and in general the color scale of this sign is closer to the chestnut color. Among the archers there are a lot of brown-haired people and brunettes. The eyes of people born under the sign of an archer, laughing and never evil. Often there are archers with a strong-willed chin and a well-defined dimple over the upper lip.

  11. Capricorn
    If you associate a person with a thin vase for one flower, you know - before you go Capricorn. Typical appearance for them: Dry or tight body, prominent collarbones, long arms and legs, swan neck. Squat Capricorn still need to look, but tall and thin - it's full! This is a very refined, slightly hard mark.

    Capricorn elongated face, small or thinLips, straight dark hair and light eyes. A distinctive feature of Capricorn lurks in the lowered outer corners of the eyes, which slightly softens the sharp contours. Capricorns are cold-blooded, but with age, their character is somewhat softened, and the severity in movements and style is lost.

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  12. Aquarius
    Aquarius is difficult to attribute to any typeAppearance, since they do not have mandatory characteristics. Even the typical representatives of the sign differ in their characteristics. But in general they can be called strong, sometimes chunky.

    Aquarians are not malicious and often smile, theyOpen and dreamy face. Hair can be either dark or light, but almost always wavy or curly. Aquarius grow old very slowly, and this is one of the main characteristics of female representatives of the sign.

  13. fish
    Timid and quiet fish are especially beautiful. Most often possess the lunar type of appearance, namely: delicate features, bluish tint of very light skin, round or oval face. Female fish are fragile, slim, but with age are forced to keep the body in a tone. Men are plump and medium height.

    The fish are sad, big eyes, and the look is pensive, sometimes detached. There are fish with an elongated face and a high, open forehead, but this is more common for women.

In fact, it does not matter what appearanceSign of the zodiac, because there are different and similar types. The owner of any type of appearance is much more important to be born under a lucky star! Tell your friends about this cognitive article.