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Unnecessary things in the house

In the process of life we ​​"grow" in various things, many of which seem very important and necessary, and in fact - for years they are not used, lying on the mezzanines ...

How to get rid of junk

These are parasitic things that do not give either joy or benefit, but occupy only the precious space in the apartment. They make the dwelling close, stuffy, overloaded, oppressing and causing sadness.

"so simple!" Singled out 7 categories of unnecessary things, Which must leave your house, so that it does not seem more like a junk shop.

How to get rid of junk

Unnecessary things in the house

  1. Gifts and souvenirs
    Strange vase, a few unnecessary frames forPhotos, a box is unclear why, a Chinese stamped figurine and a set of amulets for the kitchen, which are donated by different people at different times ... sometimes we keep such things for decades! Admit that it's time to say goodbye to these "values".
    Unnecessary gifts
  2. Old technology
    Of course, not all. But if you keep the vhs-player just to review the recording of the wedding ceremony or graduation, perhaps it's that bright moment of digitizing the tapes? Imagine how much space will be released in one fell swoop!

    The same can be said about old wires, adapters, chargers. Arguing, most of them have long lost their relevance.

    Old video recorder

  3. Rags
    The phrase "on rags" now, to put it mildly,Is irrelevant. In hardware stores are sold a lot of different napkins and wonder-sponges of modern materials, which in seconds absorb the spilled liquid and wipe off the dirt even without using detergents!

    And the old bed set, worn out clothes and blinded curtains will provide a bright future for moths, but not for your home.

    Rags on rags

  4. clothes
    about! This is perhaps the most difficult point, because to say goodbye to clothes happens oh as it is not easy! There is one rule: if you have not worn this thing for a year, it is not needed. Look further: can you fasten these pants on yourself? Well, you know what to do with them ...
    old clothes
  5. dishes
    Incomplete service, pan without handle, frying pan, toWhich all burns down, a couple of broken cups and cracked saucers - there is such kind of good in every house. and that's not it! There are many women one irresistible passion - glass jars. If you are not going to open a branch of a cannery, in such quantity they are definitely not needed for you.
    Old dishes
  6. Construction Materials
    Here is the minimum that you can really do without: A small bank of universal glue, 2-3 tiles in case the facing in the bathroom is damaged, 1-2 rolls of wallpaper to fix the emerging defects, a small paint bank.
    Superfluous building materials
  7. periodicals
    Newspapers are read, magazines are studied. You do not have to save them: take it into your habit to conduct an audit every 3 months and hand over the junk.
    Scrap paper

Trash has an exceptional ability toMasking, and sometimes it is difficult to identify and recognize this hiding enemy. Understand the old things and determine what you need to give, what to give, what to throw out and what to sell. You will be amazed how much easier it will be to breathe in the house!

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