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Manicure ideas for the New Year

Manicure serves Finishing stroke Any image. And on New Year's Eve you just have to give him proper attention! This year, give preference to bright saturated lacquers warm range: red, alo, burgundy, orange-terracotta, yellow, coral. Will suit brown, green, blue, gold and black. That is, the colors that are acceptable The fiery master of 2017.

New Year's manicure 2017

But, people and Matt varnishes for nails Leave for later, on this New Year's Eve you should shine literally to your fingertips. So boldly use glitter, rhinestones and sequins.

Redaction "so simple!" Prepared for you a selection of the best ideas Holiday manicure, Which surely will bring you luck.

Manicure ideas for the new year

  1. Red manicure
    The main color of the coming year is red. Burgundy, scarlet, wine, raspberry, cherry - you can choose any shade. The only rule: the varnish should be bright and juicy.

    Do not forget that the red color accentuates the Brushes of hands. So if the skin has redness, scratches or any other problems, remove them or discard this color. On too long nails Red lacquer Looks vulgar, so it's better to make a French jacket or dilute it with drawings.

    New Year's manicure red

  2. Golden manicure
    All glittering and brilliantly reliably moved matte textures. This is for real Festive color, Which will give solemnity even to theLaconic image. In manicure you can choose any type of coating: sequins, glitter, pieces of foil or film, rub or varnish with a liquid gold texture.

    Gold you can cover the entire nail plate or make a few shimmering inclusions, strips or painted wells. Is Coating on nails Perfectly matches with a black, brown red or green outfit. Just do not make the typical mistake of many women: gold nails, clothes and makeup. It's too forgiving.

    New Year's manicure with sparkles

  3. Black manicure
    Only this should not be a monophonic coating. Black has long been not considered the color of informal youth and has perfectly merged into business life. But for the celebration it is better to dilute with sequins, ornaments and drawings.

    Advantage of such a coating Is that it fits under any outfit and to any shape of the nails. But the best black manicure looks on neat short nails of a square shape with rounded corners.

    Actual New Year's manicure

  4. Gradient manicure
    This kind of coverage has been several seasons in the trend. But in 2017 it needs to be done in warm shades. Gradient manicure will suit anyone Monotonous Without prints and drawings. Otherwise such bright and expressive nails are simply lost on the mottled background.
    New Year's shiny manicure
  5. Manicure with sparkles
    Glitter is the best option for Holiday manicure. For this purpose it is enough to paint nails in 2-3 layers with usual varnish with a shimmer. More restrained look like sequins over a bright or dark varnish or when allocating only the holes or tips of the nails.

    To such a manicure is better to choose Restrained monotonous outfit Without unnecessary details. Perhaps, this is the most practical version of manicure for the new year, which is able to decorate even the most simple dress.

    Fast New Year's manicure

  6. Glass manicure
    This kind of manicure is a new trend of 2017. It is perfect for both celebrations and everyday life. It represents the stylization of nails under Broken colored glass, Which when shone of light shimmers in different shades.

    In this way you can cover all 10 nails, put an emphasis on one or two fingers, and do the rest in any other design or simply cover with a matching lacquer in tone.

    as Base coat Use black or other dark background, so colorWill be more profound, and the overflow itself is more contrast. Manicure "broken glass" will suit any one in any color, but it's better if you pick up something in the tone of the varnish, applied as a base.

    New Year's manicure at home

  7. Manicure «cat's eye»
    Due to an unusual overflow of fine radiant particlesMetal, contained in the varnish, the manicure looks spectacular, which is what we need for the holiday. Such a coating gives the nails a mystery, and those around them will accurately pay attention to them.

    This design of nails looks most successful in the natural range Chrysoberyl stone - brown, green, gray, golden yellow,Reddish-purple hues, just in which it is recommended to celebrate the new year. Allowed the design of holes, decoration with pebbles, crystals, sparkles, painting.

    New Year's manicure gel with lacquer 2017

  8. French millennium
    We could not get around the classics side. But now instead of the usual white one needs to use glitter or sequins. You can experiment with the line of the so-called smile - make it double, triple, with a bevelled edge, v-shaped or any other shape.
    New Year's Manicure Year of the Rooster
  9. Moon manicure
    Here the "smile" line is formed not at the tips, but in the hole of the nail bed. It can be convex, concave, and Any geometric shape. So that the "smile" looked festive, decorated with sparkles, a small shimmer, beads, foil, or simply painted with a holographic effect.

    You can combine several types of coatings, for example trendy glass manicure and the design of "cat's eye", classic and lunar jacket, you can just do it Focus on one finger. Because a holiday is always a reason for experiments, which usually do not have enough time in everyday life.

    New Year's manicure design

  10. Drawings on the New Year theme
    Snowflakes, deer, Christmas trees, Snow Maiden ... Also the image of the cock will be relevant. Only on a festive night you can use these drawings. The only thing Not recommended, - a manicure with a ravenous print, namely with images of the enemies of the cock.
    New Year Winter Manicure

That the manicure looked neat, for a start Get your hands in order. Align the surface of the nail with the help of the base andOnly then proceed to the design. Nails should not be too long, in fashion, the average length with a natural shape. Only in this case any coverage will look good. And as you could already guess, the main trend of the coming year - Shiny texture.

Please yourself with a chic manicure on New Year's Eve and share ideas with your friends!