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How to use a mobile phone

I have a complicated relationship with any technique, sheConstantly breaks down and behaves unpredictably in my hands. Many believe that the matter in the energy of man. But friends who sometimes repair my laptop or phone, are sure: all problems are due to improper and inaccurate use ...

That's how You can use your phoneTo extend its service life and enjoy the work of the gadget! Do not make these mistakes, and your new smartphone will live for a long time.

How to use a smartphone

The most dangerous mistakes

  1. Never turn off the phone
    To make the device last longer, it needs to beTurn off at least once a week for a while! It will benefit the battery. Besides, you will not be disturbed by calls for an hour or two, delightfully, in my opinion ...
    How to use a smartphone android
  2. Forget to turn off wi-fi and bluetooth
    Turn off unnecessary features, and the phone will last you longer! And the charge will last longer.
    How to use a smartphone android
  3. Use the phone in terrible cold
    If on the street -20 degrees Celsius, do not take outSmartphone out of pocket! It is not designed to work in such weather conditions. Also the smartphone does not fit and wild heat, +30 - absolutely not suitable, extreme temperature for the operation of machinery.
  4. Charge the phone all night long
    If you leave the phone charged for the whole night, the battery will be fully charged, 100% full. And it's bad for him! Charge the smartphone for 95-98%, and it will last a lot longer.
    How to use a smartphone android
  5. Charge and discharge the phone completely
    You do not need to wait until the smartphone is dischargedCompletely to charge it! Lithium-ion batteries best perform their functions when they are charged by 50 - 80%. So do not hesitate to charge the gadget throughout the day!
  6. Use a fake charger
    Charges are often broken and lost, soThe temptation to buy a cheap fake is great. But do not do this! If the charger is not original, the probability of spoiling the phone increases at times. The battery will slowly die in terrible agony.
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  7. Forget to clean the phone
    Keep your smartphone clean! Be sure to wipe the screen with a damp cloth, the charging port and the headphone input clean with a toothpick: there may get tiny, because of which the device spoils.
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  8. Keep the phone in hand while walking outside
    Do not stroll around the city, holding the phone in your hands! It can be very easy to steal, and there may be a more banal incident. For example, a fall in a puddle! be careful.
  9. Do not put the password on the phone
    By protecting the phone with a password, you protect your importantpersonal data! At any time your device can use a scammer, remember this. In addition, there is a chance that the stolen phone will be returned if a password is set on it.
  10. Do not turn off the geolocation feature
    Leave the geolocation feature enabled in only a few, the most needed applications. So you save battery power and protect the battery from premature damage.
  11. Never turn off notifications
    Push-notifications - brutal battery killers and phone screens. Do not let notifications constantly attack your gadget, leave only the most important programs enabled!

often People use telephones Very sloppy, and then wonder whyThe gadget starts to junk or suddenly breaks. Give this information to all your friends, surely it will come in handy! A smartphone can work properly for much longer ...