/ / Cleaning of vessels with garlic and lemon

Cleaning the vessels with garlic and lemon

Over time, the vessels in the human body lose their flexibility and elasticity, and on their walls are formed Atherosclerotic plaques. Frequent headaches, high blood pressure, a heart attack and even a stroke can result from such contamination of blood vessels.

Artery atherosclerosis

There are many Folk recipes for cleaning vessels, But the current method of "so simple!" - Perhaps, the most effective. It's good that nature gives us everything necessary for health!

Cleaning of vessels with garlic and lemon

One of the main advantages of garlic - the ability to prevent the development of atherosclerosis, and therefore, heart attack and stroke. Garlic not only triggers mechanisms in the body Lowering the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, But also helps to keep the result achieved for a long time.

In the composition of lemons there are minerals, essential oils, pectins, organic acids, flavonoids, which also have a beneficial effect on the state of the vessels.

Lemons and garlic for blood vessels


  • 6 lemons
  • 30 cloves of garlic
  • 1 liter of water


  1. Lemons wash, garlic clean. Prepare the prepared foods through a meat grinder.
  2. Pour the mass into a saucepan, add water and put it on the fire.
  3. Bring the mixture to a boil, but do not boil. Cool, pour the product into a convenient storage container and remove it from the refrigerator.
  4. For 3 weeks a day, drink 50 ml of this drink. Take a break for a week, and then repeat the 3-week course again. In prophylactic purposes, this treatment is useful to conduct 2 times a year.

Drink improves blood circulation, strengthensImmunity, prevents the formation of tumors. The agent acts as an antioxidant, and also stimulates the work of the kidneys and liver. But, like all potent agents, he has contraindications for use: peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer, pregnancy, lactation period, epilepsy, allergy to any of the components.

Your friends will also want to know the recipe for the elixir of longevity!