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Disposable caps

How useful was the usual shower cap!! Recently my girlfriend, working as a hairdresser,Brought a couple of packages of simple caps made of polyethylene. You can make hair masks with castor oil, and in principle a useful thing, she assured ... deciding to find out what can be done with an unexpected gift, I discovered something new.

For example, the famous master of culinaryArt uses shower caps instead of a confectionery syringe! You just need to fill the cap with cream, tie it with an elastic band, cut off the corner, and you can get down to business. It's amazing how resourceful some of us are, dear readers ...

I hope you will be carried away by these strange, but still useful ways of applying transparent disposable caps!

Shower cap

Disposable caps

Non-standard ways of using

  1. I like using a tablet or phone instead of a book with recipes! Not to get the screen dirty Spray, you can protect it with a transparent cap.
    Shower cap photo
  2. After finishing cleaning, it is better to remove the brush or broom in such an impromptu cover. Dust and dirt will not spread throughout the house!
    Disposable caps
  3. What a stylish striped hat! A great solution if you have household appliances with open bowls. Nothing will get dusty if you use polyethylene protection!
    How to use disposable caps
  4. Capacity for food! why not? conveniently…
    Disposable caps
  5. So need Pack shoes in a suitcase!!
    Polyethylene caps
  6. Richly moisten the mixer or shower head with vinegar and wrap them with a cap, fasten it. You will be surprised how glittering they will become in a couple of hours!
    Disposable caps
  7. As few microbes on different consoles as possible Universal cover - a cap with an elastic band!
    Polyethylene beads of lifhaki
  8. What an original and stylish Idea for decoration!! All you need is polyethylene caps of different colors and a drop of imagination.
    How to use shower caps
  9. Home hair masks do very easily! In addition, if you do not have the strength to wash your head before going to bed, and your hair is not too clean, you can put on a hat and protect the pillow from contamination.
    Shower cap
  10. On a picnic often come guests who are not called: ants and other animals. A shower cap is convenient to use as a protection against their invasion!
    Shower cap use
  11. During the rain with a plastic cap you can cover the seat of the bike!
    Shower cap application
  12. Wearing a hat on the bottom of the flower pot,You will be sure that moisture will remain in the ground and nothing superfluous will not be spilled. Of course, after a while you need to remove it, so that the plant was comfortable.
    How to use shower caps
  13. waterproof case For shooting in bad weather can be doneYourself! Fasten on the camera behind the polyethylene transparent cap and assemble its neck around the lens, tightly pressing the lens with an elastic band. The rest of the polyethylene bend back and press another tight rubber band. Waterproof case is ready!
    Use of shower caps
  14. Polyethylene hat Replace the food film, if you need to cover the plate with leftover food and put in the refrigerator.
    Polyethylene beads of lifhaki
  15. A perfect replacement for covers for different containers! Nothing accumulates inside.
    How to use shower caps

In a shower cap, wash the youngPotatoes, mound the large table salt, mix thoroughly. In the end, the peel from the potatoes is scraped off without much effort! Also, through a plastic cap, you can beat the meat: it will not be damaged, everything will be perfect ...

If you liked these simple tricks, show them to others! And do not forget to share with us your own original ideas on the use of ordinary gizmos.