/ How to choose champagne

How to choose champagne

A new year without champagne, it's like winter without snow. This drink has long been An indispensable attribute of everyone's favorite holiday, And even someone who is not a connoisseur of this type of alcohol, a glass to the chiming clock will drink.

Redaction "so simple!" Tell you everything you need to know about sparkling wine: how to choose, its types, what to combine and serve. and, How to open champagne - with this many have problems in the form of broken chandeliers or injured guests.

How to choose champagne

Many consider champagne as a separate group of alcoholic beverages, like beer or vodka. However, it refers to Class of sparkling low-alcoholic wines, Produced, ideally, from the pulp of grapes. The very name "champagne" comes from the homeland of the drink - the province of champagne, which is in France.

How to choose champagne for the new year

It is worth noting that champagne refers to Elite drinks, And this version of it should notThe composition contains nothing but grape juice. Such specimens can be purchased in special wine shops or directly at the sommelier. On domestic counters, so-called champagne can contain sugar, alcohol, food colorings, flavors and flavor enhancers - various food additives.

How to choose the right champagne

It is worth paying attention to when choosing a champagne

  1. price
    Of course, price does not always mean quality. But for alcohol it is of great importance, since a good drink requires a rich harvest, a special cooking technology and endurance that Strongly affects the price tag. Determined for themselves: do you want to just buy in full for a stormy celebration or enjoy a wonderful taste without the morning pain in your head.

    But nevertheless, if you are not a gourmet, then we do not advise you to buy very elite sparkling wines. Because money will be thrown away, but for what, you will not understand.

    How to choose a good champagne

  2. Sugar content
    The sugar content is usually reflected on the labelBottles of brut zero, brut, demi-sec, doux. This sequence indicates an increase in sugar in each of the following positions - the first option is the most unsweetened.

    The most popular sparkling wine Is brut. Usually people prefer a more sweet champagne, and it's about biochemistry. Receptors responsible for the sweet taste are located at the very tip of the tongue, they enter perception the very first.

    It is interesting that sugar quickly penetrates into theBlood and begins to "warm" with alcohol: sugar catalyzes the effect of alcohol, speeding up the warming of a person, so many prefer a more sweet champagne.

    How to choose real champagne

  3. label
    When exposed to sunlight, the beverage becomes bitter. So all you have to do is study the label. Obligatorily Must be specified. Before buying, find out what it should be in the country of origin. If the bottle indicates numbers different from the specified guest, then before you an imitation of champagne.

    There must also be information about the manufacturer and importer, the date and place of the spill, the batch number, the expiration date and exposure.

    How to choose soviet champagne

  4. bung
    Of course, no one will allow you to open the envelope to see what the bottle is corked with. Bottles with Cork stoppers Give themselves out, because they have a big pommel on top, it's these plugs that are used in high-quality wines. A plastic stopper a parameter of a poor-quality drink.
    How to choose the right champagne

So, as the raw material for making the drink is grapes, then, to some extent, champagne has the equivalent Curative properties of red wines. In other words, a sparkling wine, thanksThe presence of natural antioxidants, fights free radicals, helps lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. However, in connection with Other production technology, There are significantly fewer such substances and the effect exerted on the human body is much weaker than that of its fellow wine.

How to choose an inexpensive champagne

Because of the increased carbonation of the drink, the food coming in afterwards does not have the opportunity to be properly digested, and the process takes place Fermentation of food in the stomach With all the ensuing consequences. So champagne can not be seized by classic New Year's dishes.

How to open champagne

  1. Cool the bottle with a drink in ice water for 30 minutes or leave in the refrigerator for 3 hours.
    How to choose champagne in the store
  2. Do not shake the bottle. Remove the wire, holding the cork.
  3. Tilt the bottle 45 degrees. With one hand firmly fix the stopper, and the second carefully turn the bottle then one way, then the other.
  4. When the cork starts to come out, slightly tilt it sideways with your thumb.
    How to open champagne without cotton

Champagne should delight in New Year's Eve. There is something magical about this drink. The main thing is not to buy a fake and choose a quality sparkling wine. Then the holiday will be without incident, and the head will not be ill in the morning.

We wish you a wonderful celebration of the coming of the new year! Share information with friends.