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Tea with thyme

thyme Still called thyme, and in the people - BogorodskayaGrass. This unique plant is known to man since time immemorial. Appreciate it primarily for its unique aroma and strong medicinal properties.

Thyme medicinal properties

Thyme possesses bactericidal, wound healing, analgesic, expectorant, bronchodilator, anthelmintic and many other properties. He also Normalizes the metabolism, Which is important for people who are watching their weight.

Thyme medicinal properties

Tea with thyme

The benefit of tea with thyme is difficult to overestimate: it is a real cocktail of vitamins and essential oils, tannins and acids.

Tea with thyme benefits

Thyme is popular not only in folk medicine, its official also recognizes. Tea with dried inflorescences plants are advised to use for insomnia, it also effectively removes Pain in rheumatism and arthritis. This plant is widely used for various diseases of the lungs: asthma, bronchitis, whooping cough, tracheitis.

Drinks with thyme

  1. Prescription number 1. In 1/4 of tbsp. Water backfill 1 tsp. Dry thyme. Bring it to a boil and let it take 10 minutes. Pour into a cup, a portion of boiling water, wait another 5-7 minutes, strain. Fragrant tea is ready!
  2. Prescription number 2. Place in a teapot 3 tsp. Black tea and 2 tsp. Dried thyme, pour boiling water and let it brew. Sugar or honey add to taste.
  3. Prescription number 3. Mix thyme with mint and oregano in equalProportions. 1 tbsp. L. Put this mixture in a teapot, pour boiling water and let it brew. Such a drink - an ambulance for neuroses, insomnia, mood swings and increased fatigue.

Because of the high content in the plant Thymol, It is not recommended for people with gastritis, ulcerStomach, hyperthyroidism, diabetes. To pregnant women and children to drink drinks on a basis of thymus follows only after consultation with the doctor for specification of a dosage.

Having tasted tea with thyme one day, you will love it forever! This drink is suitable for any season of the year: it refreshes in the summer heat, and warms up the honey aroma in the winter cold.

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